Blue Summer Dress

I’ve been in the mood to smock lately. So smocking is what I’ve been doing. Smocking a dear little summer dress, that is. It is very sweet, all blue (my favorite color), and perfect for summer. IF In fact, I enjoyed smocking the front of the dress so much, I decided to smock the back too. IF I used three coordinating colors of floss in the smocking design front and back. It is a design I made myself but very simple. Then I added dark piping around the front and back for contrast. IF I think the back looks as cute as the front. IF ¬† I think this dress will make my friend’s daughter very happy. I know I would love one myself. Wouldn’t you?

Easter Egg Colored Dresses

Easter is here! And I’m making dresses. What a joy! I now make a dress for granddaughter and great-granddaughter. I can’t even tell you how much fun it is to make matching dresses for two such lovely, happy girls.


The oldest one Marie loves dresses that have a big “twirl factor”. When she first gets a new dress, she spins around in it to see if the “twirl factor” is satisfactory. In fact, she has been known to wear three dresses at a time and spin around gleefully for more than an hour. Seeing that is all the thanks I need!

IMG_0035 2

Younger great-granddaughter Karla is just learning the ropes from Marie, but she definitely knows about “twirl factor”. The two of them together in matching dresses, twirling around a room are a sight to behold. And cute? Oh my goodness!!! It’s better than a hug!


This year the dresses are the color of Easter eggs Р pink and lavender. The front lace panels were sewn one strip of lace at a time to another strip of lace or entredeau. The same with the bottom lace strips. They are time consuming, but definitely worth the effort.


A piece of piping was added to the bottom of the front panel to finish it off. Puff sleeves and generous ties in the back make these dresses worthy of Easter photos. Oh and don’t forget the full skirts (two fabric widths) for dancing around a room.


The dresses are done and ready to send off. I can’t wait to get my pictures of the two girls in their Easter finery with big smiles on their faces and skirts atwirl.