Monterey Car Week Granny Style

Car Week at Monterey, California is a Mecca for anyone interested in old cars, new cars, unusual cars, one-of-a-kind cars, expensive cars, junk cars, sports cars, any cars for that matter. That person would be Gramps.

This is a yearly trip for us in our truck and camper. We stay at a campgrounds very close to the beach and near several restaurants. The weather is cool and breezy, and we get out of the Texas heat for awhile. It is all very fun and wonderful.

Gramps loves all the cars – and I do mean ALL the cars. He looks at every one. He takes photographs. He takes videos. He talks to the owners. He does this all day, every day. Now I love Gramps and I try to be supportive, but after the first 50 cars or so I get a little bleary-eyed.

Let me tell you my view of Car Week.

Tuesday – The Carmel Concours with many stylish show cars, including the new Acura NSX. There were Porches and Metropolitans and an American La France fire engine converted into a car.



Impressed yet?

Carmel is also home to many cute shops and boutiques. One shop I go to every year is the Christmas Store. I get ornaments for all the grandchildren and have them personalized and dated. I also found a couple of Frozen themed boxes for the two little girls.



Wednesday – The Little Car Show in Pacific Grove. Now this was a really interesting display of all the smallest cars in the world. Mini cars with mini engines, mini wheels and cute mini parts. Everything tiny and compact.



Me? I found some wonderful regular sized shops, where I bought fabulous things. At one antique shop, I found a white infant dress, embroidered with a slip for $15, a monogrammed handkerchief and a beautiful blue and white vintage summer weight quilt.



We also had lunch at the best bakery ever! What a wonderful day it was!

Thursday – The Tour d’Elegance, which was the Pebble Beach Concours cars on tour. These are primo top-of-the-line cars. Lots of brass, silver, leather and works-of-art hood ornaments. Very classy, very showy. Lots of sparkle and shine. And it’s all free for the public to enjoy.



I however, discovered a couple of wine tastings. Purchased a bottle of wine and a gorgeous cutting board. Shopping everywhere! Isn’t it grand!


Friday – The Pacific Grove Concours and Rally. A car show and then a tour of the cars Hearing the engines roar and the horns beep was the most fun.


After awhile I was off shopping again. Of course, we had breakfast first at our favorite little bakery. Must fuel the day. Then I was off to a small linen shop for embroidered tea towels for Christmas gifts for friends and a set of monogrammed napkins for me. Very French! Another great day!



At the end of the day, I found a lovely little antique shop among all the sweet vintage buildings.It had the most interesting old windows with vintage glass pieces glued on. I’m thinking of doing this project for myself when I get home. I think I have all the makings except he window.



Saturday – The Concours d’Lemons, a spoof on car shows in general and the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in particular. These are the worst, oddest and quirkiest cars vying for “Worst of Show” any way they can, including bribing the judges.


This show I really enjoyed and looked at all the cars in all the categories. When it started      to get too warm, I spent the remainder of the day in the shady tent lounge provided by one of the vendors. A good day all around!

Sunday – The Historic Races at Laguna Seca with hundreds of race cars from the 1920’s to 1970’s. Gramps and his brother attended this but I did not. It seemed the perfect way to end the week.



And that is how Granny does Car Week – with a credit card and a shopping bag!

My Bike – A Love Hate Relationship

Gramps and I bought new bikes. They are lovely bikes with the pedals moved a little forward so you can put your feet on the ground easily while still seated comfortably on the seats. Mine is a wonderful creamy white. They only have seven gears because I honestly don’t know what to do with twenty-one gears.


I love my new shiny bike. Part of the reason we got them, besides the usual need to exercise more, was to encourage our grandson Mac to learn to ride his bike. He has been reluctant for the last 2-3 years, for reasons unknown. We thought if he saw us on our bikes, he would be more likely to want to ride his. We hope to have him over soon to see the big event.


The problem with my bike is – I haven’t ridden one for 50 years! The first time we set out on the new bikes, we were so excited! We were only going around the block to test them out. I admit I was a bit unsure and a lot unsteady. Half way around our little course, my seat fell off. Yes – off! Well, honestly, who can sit on a metal post? My answer to the situation was to first call to Gramps for help and then to fall flat on my side – bike and all.


After slowly recovering from the ground and walking my bike home, I decided I didn’t like my bike as much anymore.

Now I’m very unsteady and leery on my bike. Gramps says I will improve if I just keep trying. I’m sure he’s right.

I’m wondering if the same thing happened to Mac and that’s why he doesn’t have such a close bond with his bike. I guess we will both have to just keep trying.           .

No One Can Really Multitask

39cf911This is the age when so called “multitasking” is a goal, a thing to aspire to and maybe even train for. Doing several things at the same time seems the only way to get everything done in a day. Who wouldn’t strive to be a multitasker? It’s like having a super power. Being able to do multiple things all at once certainly is a skill worth having. Right?multitasking-graph

The truth is . . . . . you can’t do it! The brain cannot do more than one job at a time. What your brain is actually doing when you “multitask” is switch from one task to another. The problem is you lose time as you switch back and forth. While “multitasking” may seem efficient, tasks may actually take more time in the end. Studies show an average of two hours is lost every work day to job-switching and recovering from distractions.multitasking-on-the-road

Texting while driving is the most dangerous distraction says the U.S. Department of Transportation. Research shows that sending or receiving a text takes a driver’s eyes from the road an average of 4.6 seconds. At 55 mph that’s like driving the length of a football field with your eyes closed! Researchers have also found that trying to learn something new while “multitasking” is nearly impossible. Besides that, multitasking has been found to temporarily lower IQs by 10 points – that is the same effect as missing a night’s sleep!

Mealtime is an especially bad time to try to “multitask”. Not only does it set a poor example to be texting and phoning while eating, but it makes everyone else feel neglected and ignored. In one study, subjects who ate meals while watching TVs or computer screens were unable to recall how much they ate. The plugged-in eaters also snacked twice as much as those who focused on their food during mealtimes.

There is a big price to pay for those who use several types of media all at once. A Stanford University study compared two groups: those who regularly do a lot of media “multitasking” and those who don’t. The “multitaskers” scored lower on ignoring unimportant information, remembering important information and switching from one task to another. In other words: the minds of the “multitaskers” were not working as well as they should.

Print The answer to all this is to:

– Stay rested and get enough sleep.

– Keep healthy food and water within reach.

– Keep a manageable to-do list. Enough to keep you busy but not overwhelmed.

– Check emails a designated times only and then for the rest of the day put it to rest.

– Stay on task. One thing at a time.

– Take time outs during the day. Listen to a song, take a walk, take deep breaths.

– Make phones and TV a no-no at the dinner table.

– Log off all electronics one hour before bedtime.

– No texting while driving.

Blue Summer Dress

I’ve been in the mood to smock lately. So smocking is what I’ve been doing. Smocking a dear little summer dress, that is. It is very sweet, all blue (my favorite color), and perfect for summer. IF In fact, I enjoyed smocking the front of the dress so much, I decided to smock the back too. IF I used three coordinating colors of floss in the smocking design front and back. It is a design I made myself but very simple. Then I added dark piping around the front and back for contrast. IF I think the back looks as cute as the front. IF   I think this dress will make my friend’s daughter very happy. I know I would love one myself. Wouldn’t you?