A Look At A Book 11

Cowboy Slim by Julie Dannenberg and Margot Apple


Cowboy Slim always wanted to be a cowboy, but he is a poet who can’t rope, whip, or ride. Who ever heard of such a thing?



But Slim knows he could be a real cowboy – if only the ranch hands would give him a chance.


Slim saves the herd from a stampede with his wonderful poetry.


This book is perfect for cowboys and cowgirls who long to ride at the head of the herd.

Miss Muffet’s Tuffet

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet

Eating her curds and whey,

When along came a spiderĀ 

That sat down beside her,

And frightened Miss Muffet away.

If not for this poem, I doubt that any of us would even have heard of the word tuffet, let alone know what it is. Think of a footstool big enough to sit on. And as far as curds and whey goes – it’s basically cottage cheese.

But back to the tuffet. I can imagine someone long ago sitting on one in front of a big fireplace with sewing in hand and feeling very cozy and comfy. I’m not sure who thought of the tuffet, but they are cute and handy. In fact, I decided I needed one so much, I made one.


This is my blue (of course, blue!) tuffet. It stands twelve inches high and eighteen inches in diameter. There are twenty-four different fabrics used and sixty-four stripes of fabric. Somehow it looks much smaller on the floor than it did on my sewing table and in my sewing machine!


The little feet still need to be painted, but I couldn’t wait to show you the almost finished product. They will be painted blue, of course. How silly of you to ask!


The tuffet now resides in the living room, with all the other blue things. It will make a nice stool or side table to put a tray on. I love it!


But between you and me, I would not make another one. One is enough!

The Importance Of Decorating

I love decorating for the season, I love decorating for the holiday, I love decorating for the day. Any occasion really and I will throw up a wreath or a garland or a special picture. I have always said, “Give me a theme and a color and I’m ready!”


Enjoying the changes in the year is so enhanced by changing my environment. I feel the march of time on the outside needs to be matched by the change of color and bunting on the inside. It can be small. It can be epic. It just needs to reflect you and your home.

While taking down the Halloween decorations to get ready for the Fall/Thanksgiving paraphernalia, I was thinking how important it is for families to mark the holidays. How important it is to change with the seasons, the months, the celebrations of life.


I think decorating for special occasions, whether for a day or a season, keeps us in time with the year, our lives and our families. We look forward to each event instead of being overrun by it. Making special arrangements also gives the occasion more meaning and certainly more fun.

When we plan decorations for an event, we keep our minds on other people and our sense of hospitality is enhanced. Will the kids like this? My mother would love to see her things used like this. I think the neighborhood will appreciate this.


Change itself is a good thing for us, especially as the years go by and we get somewhat set in our ways. Keeping up with change, rather than dragging behind, can be one sure way to stay young or at least young at heart. Expecting, planning for and being a part of new different experiences is very invigorating and keeps us adaptable – which is a very good thing.

Experiencing events by decorating for them is just plain fun and can be done with children. Traditions are made of these. Memories are made of these. Share the joy! Share the fun! Decorate!