Saturday Selvage

Keeping warm!!! Except here in Texas, where it is in the 70’s!!! We are trying to keep cool.

The Therapy Of A Sewing Bee

My Sewing Bee got together for our November meeting last week. There are only twelve of us and we have been a bee for many years. Which means we know each other well and are a close-knit group.

Usually we laugh and talk and eat and share and repeat until we are just worn out and exhausted. You know that feeling when your face hurts from talking and smiling so much? Your abdomen is sore from laughing so hard? You feel like you have shared all your blessings with the group and have shared all of theirs?

This time one of our group asked for prayers for her fifteen-year-old granddaughter who had attempted suicide. Silence gripped the room, until another soft voice asked for prayers for her grandson who was also suicidal. Then two more shared their stories of suicidal grandchildren.

The group exploded with love, comfort, astonishment, amazement and advice. How was this happening? How didn’t we know? We are so sorry! How can we help? What can we do? This can’t be real! They are only children!

The four grandmothers were amazed they weren’t alone. They thought they were the only ones experiencing their trauma. What a comfort to realize others were in the same situation and having the same feelings and reactions.

Then one sister began talking about a surgery she was facing and the fears she had about the recovery time. We were touched by the intimacy of her words and sentiment.

Again the group gathered around with love, concern and care. It was a magical thing!

By now, we were beginning to realize our monthly meeting was taking a different turn than it ever had. We had established a safe place. A place where we could be ourselves and reveal our inside selves, knowing they would be treasured by the others.

At that point, someone brought up her feelings about the slow loss of her husband through his memory loss. Many sympathized with her and understood her feelings of mourning.

By this time, there was not a dry eye in the room. Yet we could still share a laugh with each hug.

And then – we shared our experiences with depression. How we had dealt with it ourselves and with others. Much advice was asked for and given.

This was the strangest and most wonderful group meeting I had ever experienced. It was fun (We did share our recent sewing feats!), therapeutic, exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time.

These twelve women, just randomly put together, had provided the highest level of therapy for each other at just the moment it was needed. They gave comfort, support, understanding, empathy, humor, advice and companionship.

Watching it happen was magical!!!!!

Being a part of it was a privilege!!!!!!

How To Win When You Don’t Come In First

Grandson Mac’s high school band just recently went to state competition in San Antonio, TX. Gramps and I took our camper down for a couple days to watch the competition or more importantly, watch Mac march and play the sousaphone.

He had a great time! Mom and dad hd a great time! Gramps and I had a great time! The band performed well in prelims but did not qualify for finals. Big disappointment to all.

But in my mind they are all winners, Why? First of all, because they had fun. You could see the joy on their faces the minute they got on the buses to head for San Antonio. They celebrated Halloween at the hotel the night before their performance and their enjoyment was evident on the field. Band members and fans alike had fun the entire time.

They did their best. They all agreed it was the best they had done the show – ever! No one could have been prouder. I know we, as the fans, were bursting with pride.

No one quit or gave up. They gave it their all from beginning to end. They put in all the practice, all the time, all the effort all those months to produce something each one could be proud of.

They performed together as a team, helping, supporting and caring for each other. Each person depending on another and knowing the others depended on him. Always feeling the strength of the whole around the one.

They always held their heads high with pride. They behaved with dignity and treated others with the same – in uniform and out.

And they are looking forward to the next competition in two years. They plan to march a bit better, play a bit better and be the winners they already are.

The Big Chairs

I just got back from our Quilt Bee’s big fall retreat. It’s always a wonderful four days of sewing, laughing, good food, rest and renewing of relationships. I’ve previously told you about quilts we’ve made, messes we’ve made and bonds we’ve made, but I’ve never mentioned the two recliners in the corner. We call them the big chairs.

The two big chairs are brown, upholstered and sit side by side with a table in between. They are positioned between the sewing area and the breakfast area, so everyone passes by them on their way to eat, sew or go to bed. They are very handy.

And comfortable?!!!!!! Oh my!!!!! Like most recliners, they raise your feet to the perfect level and lower your head, again, to the perfect level. Many a gal has been known to take a nap in one of the big chairs. Someone passing by may even lay a quilt on the lucky lady while she is snoozing.

A big chair is just right for sitting in while hand sewing or binding a quilt. This can also lead to a little nap, if you’re not careful. Those chairs are so comfortable!!!

Early morning coffee drinkers are often seen sipping their libations while comfortably curled up in the big chairs. They chat quietly, smile and hug their warm cups, while still in their PJ’s, bathrobes and fuzzy slippers.

The big chairs are also the perfect spot for late afternoon chats, when backs and feet are tired and need rest, and throats need a cool drink. Old and new friends talk and listen, give and get advice, share sewing tips and laugh until their faces hurt – all leaning over the arms of the big chairs.

Those chairs have heard many conversations, many secrets, many dreams. They have seen many people sharing skills, ideas, fabrics and tools. They have comforted many quilters in times of sorrow, frustration, confusion and loneliness. They have provided space for togetherness, laughter, quiet, rest and unbelievable comfort.

The big chairs quietly sit in the corner and call to each and every one of us to come, sit and enjoy!!