Hello, My Sweeties

 Okay, first, everyone in my world is a Sweetie, especially my family and those I love. Second, since you are now part of my extended family, you are now one of my “Sweeties.” So pretend I am hugging you right now! Didn’t that feel good? Well, I would think so. Everyone loves to be greeted with smiles, hugs and kisses, especially little ones.

Years ago I made a conscious decision to always greet members of my family with intention and joy every single time. I want them to see all the love, joy and pride I feel for them on my face and in my body language each and every time they walk in the room. I especially want my grandchildren to feel loved and safe the instant they are with me. So they equate Granny with joy and unconditional love.

Having a unique greeting for each child is even better i.e., a special name or a secret handshake like I have with 6 yo GS #2. Just remember, these precious people are not an annoyance or interruption but blessed additions (which means you can’t have too many!).

They are the best Sweeties a Granny could have! Which reminds me of a time when 6 yo GS #2 who was then maybe 3 or 4, was brought over to spend the night with Gramps and me. He had said goodbye to his parents and had gone down the hall to get his toybox. As his parents were leaving, I called out to them, “Goodbye, my Sweeties. Drive careful.”  GS came running down the hall yelling “Those are MY Sweeties!” We had a nice little talk about sharing Sweeties and all has been well since.

So you see, Sweeties come in all shapes, sizes and textures but all must be loved and handled with glee.

3 thoughts on “Hello, My Sweeties

  1. Hi! Sharon sent me over from voiceBoks, and I’m so glad she did! You sound like a wonderful Sweetie yourself! This is a great message for all mothers & grandmothers. There’s never too much you can do to make a child feel extra special. That way they grow up knowing without a doubt that they are loved, unique, special & have a great self esteem. I’m looking forward to stopping in more often!

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