A Secret Handshake

I love secrets! But only the good kinds. The kinds that make people feel special and important. The kinds that let people know you spend time thinking about them and loving them. Those are the secrets I love.

Children love secrets too. They can’t always keep from sharing the secrets because the excitement overwhelms them, but that’s okay. That just means it’s time for a new secret!

Secrets should be fun, silly, unique and memorable. You can have a special hug, greeting, name, signal, place or food. Nothing is too silly or farfetched. Have a secret language even! Children especially love when an adult will participate in imaginary play with them. That’s an entire secret world! What fun is that!

I mentioned a secret handshake I have with 6yo GS #2 in an earlier Blog and have had some inquiries as to what exactly that is. I realize that by showing it to you my Sweeties, it will no longer be a secret handshake. GS and I will have to make a new secret handshake for ourselves and boy, will we have a giggle fest doing that. So, basically, it’s all win-win!

To make a handshake, think 1960″s “hand jive”, camp song gestures and sign language. Add some of your own imagination and you have a good source for your own 007 greeting. Ours is as follows:

Step 1-Start with back of hands together. Slide down so fingertips are touching.

Step 2-Palms of hands together. Slide down so fingertips are touching.

Step 3-Make a fist. One on top of the other.

Step 4-Switch. Top fist goes to bottom and bottom fist goes to top.

Step 5-Touch knuckles.

Step 6-Flutter. Fingers flutter in palm of other hand.

Step 7-Final grip.

If you can get through this without laughing, please let me know. I NEVER could!

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