Toto, I Think We Are In Kansas

Yes, my sweeties, we are in Winfield, Kansas at the Walnut Valley Music Festival. As I am writing this, it is 50 degrees outside. What a relief from the 103 back home in Texas! This is probably the 5th year Gramps and I have come to this wonderful place and I thought you should know about it also.

It is held at the Fair Grounds in Winfield, so there is plenty of room for campers, RV’s, tents, etc. Gramps and I take the “Seniormobile” (the 5th wheel) and stay for 6-7 days. The Festival is officially 3 1/2 days, but we make our own fun till the “official” fun begins.

This is a perfect family atmosphere with children, adults and “ripened” folks alike. No alcohol is allowed and in all the times I’ve been here I don’t believe I have ever heard any foul language or seen any inappropriate behavior. It’s all good clean fun! And the music! What a mix of country/bluegrass/old rock/gospel/light jazz/sing-a-long/Celtic and whatever else happens to inspire someone. It’s all handmade music. No synthesizers allowed! And you will see instruments you don’t see everyday, like dulcimers, autoharps, bouzoukis, dobros and mandolins.

There are even workshops for kids  to make instruments or play instruments. Could it be any better ? Well, yes it could! Throw in craft vendors and some “fair food” and you have darn near the perfect setting for a family gathering.

So think about taking the grandchildren to this special place and sharing a very special time with them. Even if you stay at a local motel and only visit for day, it is so worth the effort. This is one of those truly uniquely American occurrences you do not want to miss.  Check out

See you next year September 12-16, 2012. We’ll meet at the Funnel Cake stand!

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