There’s Music In My Heart

Maybe there’s music in my head and my fingers and my toes too! Sometimes I just feel music in all my pores and it has to come out  somehow. Now I’m not really what you would call a musician or a musical talent in any way. I played the clarinet in High School so I can read music. I sang in Sweet Adelines for several years and have sung in church choirs most of my adult life, so I can carry a tune. And that’s about it for my musical training but that does not stop me from enjoying music in every way, place, form and scenario possible.

Music is for everyone, everywhere. It is a language which needs no translation. What a great gift to give to your grandchildren and to share with them!

Making music is one of the easiest things in the world to do! Use what you have – your voice, your hands, your fingers, your feet. Make up your own songs. I had a song when my children were young that always made them laugh when they were upset. It was about “Myer the Crier. Oh how he could cry! He cried and cried and cried and cried. He never, never had a dry eye!” Silly I know, but the kids loved it. For the very timid, sing along with CDs. Keep them in the car. It’s a great place to sing and share music.

Making instruments is a fun activity and the results are even more fun. Anything can make music! Pots, pans, TP tubes, empty soda bottles, spoons, whistles, snapping fingers, kazoos. Well, you get the idea. But how about shaking a box of matches, stomping on bubble wrap, banging 2 empty water bottles together, ripping newspaper? The possibilities are endless!

Bringing music into a child’s life opens a door that can never be shut again. They become aware of life in a way that changes it forever, for the good. It broadens the possibilities of their world and gives them joy that brings the sun into their heart. It can be truly magical!

Be a part of that magic in your child”s life. Encourage music in any way possible and be the one that helps overcome any fears or reluctance. No critics allowed! Only free-spirited dancing, singing, and playing at Granny’s house.

If you have the means, offer to help with music lessons, dance lessons, musical theater, etc. It will be the best money you ever spent. And what fun would it be, as we have done, to take a grandchild to a professional musical performance at a grand hall? Include a dinner or lunch and you have created one of the best memories ever for your special one. Don’t forget pictures and a souvenir. And remember to talk about highlights and sing some of the tunes later on. It doesn’t get any better! I could just dance right now!

2 thoughts on “There’s Music In My Heart

  1. Thank you for the inspiring words of wisdom. I, personally am an expert with paper and comb. With my first grandchild on the way soon, I’ll read your blog with anticipation for learning “how to become a world-class granny.”

  2. I just read through all your entries. This is so perfectly awesome! All my grannie friends are going to hear about this. Congrats on beginning this new adventure…I, for one, am lovin it.

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