The Tooth Fairy Cometh

I have 2 6yo GS. One has already lost a tooth, which he dutifully exchanged with the Tooth Fairy for 25 cents. His response to that was “What a gyp!” His mother (my niece), in her wisdom, told him something to the effect “Keep the quarter or return it for the tooth.”  She is one of those mothers who wastes no time worrying about tiny psyches or long explanations. I love it!

The other GS has not yet lost a tooth, but has 2 teeth that are “thinking about coming out.”  I’m not sure but I think that means they are loose. When I offered to “help” his “thinking” teeth come out by tying string to them and then to the back of the truck, he hollered “No-o-o-o wa-a-a-ay!”  Okay then. I guess I forgot that 6yo’s start losing their teeth. It’s been awhile. I suddenly realized that they needed Tooth Fairy pillows! I’ve been a bad Granny!

So off to the sewing room I went. Come in and see what I did! (Ignore the mess.)

The pattern I used came from Larissa at She has a wonderful site with many patterns and tutorials. Check her out. I followed Larissa’s directions except for the following:

1. I did not use glue. I either hand-sewed or bonded everything onto the “tooth.” My guys are very likely to pick glued parts off and do heaven knows what with them.

2. For bonding, I found the Ultra-Hold Heat and Bond worked the best. The lighter weight didn’t even bond at all on felt or wool.

3. Remember when you are transferring patterns to fabrics that will be bonded, you must do it on the wrong side of the fabric. So be sure designs, especially letters and numbers, are backwards.

4. I followed the directions for the mouth pocket and sewed the eyes and eyebrows on first. Then I placed the loop and sewed the front and back (with slit) together. After that, everything is up to you! Be creative! Use coloring books and childrens’ books for good ideas.

5. The hats were the trickiest part. I made the brim and bonded it down in the dip of the “tooth.” Then I made the shape of the hat and added a small flap on each side to go behind the “humps” of the “tooth.” I then sat the hat on the brim in a slight curve with the flaps behind the “humps.” The flaps can be stitched in place and a few stitches can be taken at the back of the hat. It just sits there so nice. Be sure to add any bands, emblems, etc. before you stitch it in place.

Now to personalize it! Take a piece of 3/4-inch grosgrain ribbon and with a fine tip pen, write the child’s name, the “tooth’s” name, the occasion, your name, your blessing, whatever. Heat-set with an iron. Cut a “V” in both ends to make it pretty and bond or sew the ribbon on the back.

You now have the best birthday, Christmas or anytime present ever! I’m already planning “Princess Tooth” for my GD who won’t need it for 2 more years! I’m not sure I can wait that long!

2 thoughts on “The Tooth Fairy Cometh

  1. What a great little tutorial for a cute grandkid project. Thanks, Granny! As soon as my niece gets around to having children (they’ve been married 5 years – wouldn’t you think it was time?), I’ll be making some of these too.

    • Thanks for stopping by. You never know when grandchildren may show up. If I were you, I would start now and be prepared. Come again and visit Granny when you can. Love always.

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