Granny’s ABC’s

I’ve seen other lists of personal ABC’s. They were all good. Some were great. The one from the dog’s perspective was hysterical but very accurate! So now my Sweeties, we come to mine. I’m positive it’s good, maybe it’s great. I’m not sure about it being hysterical but it’s definitely accurate.

Read on for the details:

A – Available. Be there for the “grands.”

B – Babies. Is there anything more huggable?

C – Crabby. My advice; if kids get crabby, put them in water.

D – Delight. Delight in the simple joy of holding hands.

E – Eat. Eat with gusto and enthusiasm. (I stole this from the dog’s ABC’s, but I still like it.)

F – Family. If you don’t come with one, make your own.

G – Give. Give anything and everything and give it freely-time, kisses, presents, hugs,

space, compliments, encouragement, love.

H – Happiness. Show your happiness easily.

I – Ignore. Ignore poopheads!

J – Judgement. See Letter I.

K – Kindness. Spread it around everyday!

L – Laugh. A lot.

M – Movies. Have family movie nights with popcorn and starring the kids.

N – Naps. Take them with the grandkids in the “big bed. ” You will all feel better.

O – Open. Open your heart, your arms, your eyes and your ears to new opportunities

for love.

P – Pots and Pans. Let kids bang on them and make noise in your house.

Q – Quit. Never ever quit telling a child how wonderful and grand he/she is.

R – Read. Read books out loud with joy and silly voices.

S – Say. Say yes as often as possible.

T – Time together. Make it happen. With children you cannot wait.

U – Under. Get under a blanket or a table for some great imaginary play with a child.

V – Visit. Make a surprise visit and watch your child’s face light up!

W – Wake up. People, it’s fun being a Granny! (I love saying that!)

X – Xcellent. (Yes, I know it’s misspelled.) The grade all my grandkids get!

Y – Yelling. Stop it.

Z – Zero. The tolerance I have for poopheads!







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