Hurray, It’s Googly Eyes Day!

Googly Eyes Day at Granny Camp is the best day ever! It is by far the most fun for $5 you will ever ever have! Preparation is easy. The day before you must go to the store and buy a packet (or two – they’re cheap.) of stick-on googly eyes. That’s it. You are now ready.

Now, on Googly Eyes Day you stick them (the goggly eyes) on anything and everything you want to play with. The whole world is fair game. Did you know when you put eyes on something, it becomes ALIVE? No, really. Ask  any kid and they will tell you.

You  and your gang of “grands” can have a conversation with cups, pliers, pencils, rulers, hands, rocks, twigs, whatever. It’s a bit of a twist on hand puppets. Want to know another little secret? Sometimes children will tell you things about themselves through a puppet that they can’t tell you face to face. Amazing and very tender sometimes. Be a good Granny and provide these opportunities when you can.

Why not go a step further and write a play with your gang to be acted in by the goggly- eyed ones? It doesn’t have to be long and it doesn’t have to be hard. How about a title “Here’s Looking At You!” And maybe the plot is about a character who has lost one of his eyes and everyone helps him look for it. Now you write the lines and the ending. See, not so difficult! The kids will love it! You will love it! And another tradition will have been born. You are such a good Granny!

Have more ideas for goggly eyes? Please share.

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