A Look At A Book

“31 Ways to Change the World” by We Are What We Do. This is a book by 4,386 children who answered the question, “What would you ask one million people to do to change the world?” The best 30 answers were made into the book with room for the reader to give his own answer, i.e. #31.

The philosophy is that changing the world in a big way starts with doing small things. Things we all can do – even kids. The formula is: small actions X lots of people = BIG CHANGE. The art work is bright and colorful and different on every page. Some photos, some drawings, some cartoons.

Some actions are silly – like Action #1 “Make someone smile.” or Action #2 “Walk your Dad.”

Some are educational – like Action #16 “Find out about your food.” or Action #5 “Turn things off when you leave the room.”

Some are fun – like Action #20 “Give lots of compliments.” or Action #12 “Go to more parties.”

Some are eco-friendly – like Action #21 “Stop junk mail.” or Action #22 “Don’t charge your phone overnight.”

My favorite is this one and it’s in cross stitch, no less! Be still my heart!

I love the empowerment this book gives children. And how very creative they can be when facing huge problems. It gives me immense hope for the future. Read this one with your child. Discuss it. Come up with your own list to add to theirs.

Let me quote the paragraph on the back of the book. It can’t be said any better. Buy this book! “You have a HUGE impact on the world around you. Every day, there are things you can do that affect your friends, your parents, your teachers – even chicken farmers and factory workers halfway around the globe. And if ONE person can make a difference, just imagine what lots of people can do. . . . ” Just imagine! Just imagine!



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