Katie’s Library

I have a sweet 4 yo GD who just does not like regular books with paper pages. She cannot sit and be read to from such a book. For some unknown reason, she feels the need to tear paper of any kind, including pages from books. She is unable to connect with books but still has the need for language, reading, cuddling and pictures. Granny’s solution to this? FABRIC BOOKS.

Maybe a fabric book is a new concept to you. But it is not a difficult thing to make. It is a wonderful toy for a child that becomes a combination pillow, book and cuddly friend. Let me show you how I make a book for Katie.

The book starts as a panel which can be bought at most fabric stores. You will also need 1 yd. of flat batting and 1 pkg. of jumbo piping. The seam allowance is usually 1/4″.

Cut out each page. Usually the cover and pages 1/10 are a bit larger than the inside pages.

Cut batting to fit for each page and the cover.  Use cheap flat batting – nothing fancy.

For the cover, I find a color of jumbo piping that is appropriate and apply it to the outer edge. (Hint: Just before coming to the corner, snip a diagonal cut into the piping. Do not cut the threads holding the piping together! This makes a much nicer curve.)

Iron batting on the wrong side of pages 1/10. (Ironing helps keep batting from moving.) Put right side of cover to right side of pages 1/10. Sew along the same seam as you made applying piping, leaving a 4″-5″ opening for turning. Clip the corners. Turn right side out. Press. Turn under seam allowance at opening and slip stitch the opening closed.

Iron batting to wrong side of pages 9/2. Put right side of pages 3/8 to right side of pages 9/2. Repeat as with cover.

Iron batting to wrong side of pages 7/4. Put right side of pages 5/6 to right side of pages 7/4. Repeat as with cover.

When all pages are finished, stack them open on a flat surface, beginning with pages 1/10 facing up. Place next section on with pages 3/8 facing up and follow with last section pages 5/6 facing up. Align the pages as evenly as possible. Baste down center or pin in place. Mark center line with wash-away ink. Stitch down center line through all layers, backstitching at each end to secure the pages. Remove basting thread and/or the wash-away ink.

There you have a lovely book all ready for a child to love. And if you are as lucky as I am, your child will refer to them as “Granny’s Books” too.


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