A Look At A Book 2

“Little Old Big Beard And Big Young Little Beard” by Remy Charlip

Sitting around the campfire one evening, Little Old Big Beard and Big Young Little Beard, the best of friends and the best of cowboys, discover their cow, Grace, is gone! Now, as you know, you can not be a cowboy unless you have a cow. So the two cowboys go off, down and around and around and around their favorite hill to look for their beloved cow. Everyday they have their favorite meal of guess what? BEANS! Everyday they search for Grace.

Do they find Grace or does Grace find them? You’ll have to read to find out.

This is the most darling book! The silly opposites and repeating sentences will tickle any child’s funny bone. The playfulness and gentleness will endear it to all.

The story, in its simple way, emphasizes friendship, relationship and caring. When one in the relationship (Grace, the cow) is lost, the other two go to any lengths to find her. Their loyalty for each other and for Grace is understood, nurtured and relied on. Such a deep concept presented in such a lovely way!

The author, Remy Charlip, has written numerous other children’s books and was named a “National Treasure” in a documentary honoring his work at the Library of Congress.

The illustrations are colorful and childlike in their innocence. And guess what? Big Young Little Beard is very bowlegged!

I love this short and tall tale! There is fun, kindness and a hug on every page. Share it with a little cowboy or cowgirl in your life. And guess what? You both will love it!

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