The Christmas Tree Picnic

All of you, I’m sure, are in the process of putting up your Christmas trees (or will soon, or intend to, or have partially decorated one or still have yours up from last year!) Wherever you are in that process, it can seem like a huge job. Especially when done alone, in silence, under pressure, at the last minute. Don’t let that happen to you – any of you!

Preparing for Christmas should be fun, joyful and definitely NOT a burden. So as far as the tree is concerned, I highly recommend decorating it with a loved one (maybe even a grandchild!) while listening to wonderful music, at your own speed and time, with special and meaningful ornaments. Now that doesn’t seem too difficult. But it does require planning.

PLAN to have kids over to help with the decorating. PLAN  to have special ornaments and decorations to use. PLAN the Christmas music for everyone to enjoy. PLAN for a snack after the job is done.

At our house, we always have a picnic under the Christmas tree after it is fully decorated. We turn on the tree lights and turn all the other lights off. Turn the music up – usually carols we can sing along with. Put a quilt or blanket under the tree that’s big enough for everyone to sit on. Share some cookies or popcorn, cocoa or cider. We all sing favorite carols, in parts when we can. (Granny is an alto and Gramps has a beautiful bass voice.) We talk about past holidays, funny stories, favorite foods, best Christmas gifts ever and any other topic that happens to tickle our fancy.

The next two hours are spent lounging shoeless on the quilt, sometimes even in our jammies, singing, eating, talking, laughing, reminiscing and getting ready for Christmas. I can’t think of a better way to do it. Can you?

So, my Sweeties, don’t miss out on the true joys of getting ready for this special holiday by not planning the good family times. Keeping relationships doesn’t just happen – it takes intention and planning. And that, dear Matriarchs, is OUR JOB!

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