A Look At A Book 4

“101 Places You Gotta See Before You’re 12”  by Joanne Sullivan


There is an amazing world out there to discover and everything you need to start exploring is right here in this book. You don’t have to go far or plan a big, expensive vacation to see great stuff. In fact, some of the greatest places may be right around the corner or down the block. You can experience another country’s cuisine at a nearby restaurant, check out the hidden wonders of a nearby cave, or get the inside scoop on what really happens in the teacher’s lounge! The 101 ideas presented in this book are general enough to get you started, but you can choose your own specific destination.

This delightful tour guide is filled with more than 250 color photos, tons of fun facts, lists of popular and little-known sites, journal pages, and a souvenir pocket. There’s also a fold-out map of North America and 150 stickers, so you can mark and rate where you want to go and where you’ve been.

So, how about taking a trip to a repair shop, a farmers’ market, or a retirement home? Or better yet a waterfall, a ghost town, or a landfill? Now, try to find a kooky capital, such as Hidalgo, TX, the Killer Bee Capital of the World or the Sock Capital of the World in Ft. Payne, AL. What fun is that! The adventures are endless and inspiring!

And the information is, well, informative and very comical as well! For example: The Top 5 Reasons To Swim In A Swimming Hole

5 – Your hair won’t turn green from the chlorine.

4 – You’ll be sharing the water with fish.

3 – There’s adventure and surprise–what WAS that thing that just brushed up against me?

2 – No concrete scrapes on your feet.

1 – No adult swim!

You and your grandkids will find this book teeming with suggestions to open your world and expand your boundaries. It reminds us all to take a second look at the things close at hand as well as dream of the once-in-a-lifetime destinations. Now it’s up to you, my Sweeties–set off on your own exciting adventures with 101 ideas!

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