The Best Christmas Gift

Here we are! It’s after Christmas . . . we made it . . . we are alive and well! Wasn’t it grand? I hope yours was as memorable as ours.

Gramps and I have been recollecting the holiday events, remembering the jokes, rehashing the conversations, reminiscing the family gatherings and generally reliving the last 4-5 days. It makes them seem to last far longer. And really, aren’t the memories what it’s all about anyway?

Santa was so good to us this year. We got more than we deserved . . . because if we got what we deserved, it would probably always be more coal that candy.

First, Granny received a new toaster oven from Gramps. Our old toaster (a wedding gift, making it 43 . . .yes, 43 years old!) finally died. Thank you, Sweetie!

Next, Christmas day brought lots of hugs and kisses from little boys. Love those!. Also many laughs, giggles plus yells, screams, hiyahs, booms, bangs, yahoos, yipees, and wahoos. Did I mention 2 6yos and a 3yo for a whole day!

The tree was overflowing with presents for young and old but mostly for young. The oldsters had more fun watching the youngsters play with their toys than playing with their own. As it should be!

The house looked great (see previous blog) and smelled pretty good too. A turkey was baking in the oven, pies cooling on the counter and gravy simmering on the stove. The table set and all were in their places at Granny’s big dining table. The meal was a success in every sense. We all ate, laughed, shared and ate some more. Whew! I’m still stuffed!

When all was said and done, it was a perfect day! No, not that kind of perfect Ā  . . . . we did make a mess, a glass of milk was spilled at the table, several children cried periodically, discipline was administered, statements were misunderstood, an ornament was broken and Granny was absolutely exhausted. But the Spirit of Christmas was among us and all our wishes came true.

We were together with the ones we love. We enjoyed good music, good food, good humor, good hospitality. We exchanged thoughtful and creative gifts. We shared good times, good thoughts, good wishes. AND THERE WAS PEACE THROUGHOUT THE HOUSE. AMEN.

Love to all of you, my Sweeties, from a happy, fat, exhausted Granny!



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