Granny’s First Aid Kit

Most First Aid Kits contain band-aids and alcohol wipes and maybe gauze or an Ace wrap. These things will help you in a minor medical crisis. I have developed my own kit which I believe can help in the minor crises of life. I’m sending a “virtual” kit to each of you, my Sweeties. It will contain:

RUBBER BANDS — to remind you to “stretch” your mind, your ideas, your heart to new limits so you will continue to grow and reach your full potential.

TISSUES — to remind you to see the “tears” of need and sadness of others and yourself. Step up when you see a need and offer to be a part of the solution.

CANDY KISSES — to remind you everyone needs a hug, a “kiss”, a word of encouragement or maybe just a smile everyday.

LIFE SAVERS — to remind you to think of your family, friends and self as “life savers”. Make a true effort to care about each other and help each other through the stressful times of life.

PENNY — to remind you of the “value” of your thoughts – big, small, organized or spontaneous. And don’t forget to share those thoughts with others!

ERASER — to remind you everyone makes “mistakes” and should be given the chance to wipe the slate clean and start over again. As many times as needed!

TOOTHPICK — to remind you to “pick out” the good qualities in everyone including yourself. This is the start of acceptance and enjoyment of the differences in all people.

PAPER CLIP — to remind you  to “keep it all together” and find the balance in your physical , mental and spiritual life.

This little “kit” of reminders may help all of us get through that day that isn’t going as planned, seems out of control and just looks bleak from the get-go. We all have them. They are stressful and unwelcome. Maybe a little bit of this first aid will turn the day around. Use it as directed, as often as necessary and pass on to others.

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