Why I Love Growing Old

This world, this country, this culture is based on the young. Not me. I’m glad I was young when I was, but you couldn’t pay me to do it again, now, at my age! I’ve earned my golden years and I plan to enjoy them. I love my age. I love having wisdom. I love being a Granny!

I find, with experience, that life is less stressful. After working at a career for 40 years, being happily married with children and grandchildren, I no longer worry about these areas of my life. There is a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. I can say I feel more emotionally stable and content than I did in my 20’s and 30’s. It’s as if I can exhale completely and relax, where as years ago there was a constant state of anxiety to a degree. I love this feeling!

Through the years of decision-making and problem-solving, these processes have become easier. It seems to me the older brain can spot a pattern it has seen before a little quicker than a young brain that is seeing that pattern for the first time. In other words – experience shows! I’ve been through a lot, done a lot, seen a lot. I don’t have to think everything through. I know how it will end and I will tell you so! Maybe this is why so many judges and presidents tend to be middle-aged or older, and why Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger was able to land that airplane on the Hudson River. I love being able to rely on my older brain to make the right call!

I know who I am. I know what I like. I know why I’m here. When I turned 60, my seniority became very clear to me. Before, I may have been tentative about many things, but now I have a voice and most important, I have the confidence to use it. I’ve fallen many times and I know how to get up, so taking a risk is less frightening. I’ve also discovered over the years that learning new things keeps my brain and my life sharp. I’m having more fun than ever!

The fashion police no longer care what I wear! And I couldn’t be happier! I don’t have to wobble on pointy-toed spiked high heels anymore!  Or pore, prod and poke myself into skin tight pants one more time!  Or model strapless, backless, frontless, bottomless dresses ever again! If I want to wear bunny slippers with a baggy T-shirt, I can, or a muumuu with a pair of orthopedic sandals, I can. I’m not sure I would, but I COULD! The only thing adding to my longevity is moving – when, where, and how I can. I love knowing my inner beauty shines through no matter what, if anything, I have on!

You would think toward the end of your life, you would worry about time – the lack of it. But actually, I find I have more time available for the things I enjoy and want to do. I also have the time to share what I have learned through volunteer work. Time is everything. Time is precious. I love having it!

Finally, I have to say the best thing – the very, very best thing about growing old, is grandchildren. They can’t be beat! They make everything worthwhile. They make the air smell fresher. They make food taste better. They make jokes funnier. What else can I say? If you don’t have any, get some. I love my grandchildren! All 9 of them!

Everyone gets older but not everyone ages well. Everyone has experiences but not everyone gains wisdom. Everyone remembers but not everyone learns. Gaining in years can only be positive if we allow it. I love my life, with the confidence and wisdom of experience. I embrace growing older, gaining happiness, contentment, comfortable clothes, disposable time and the ultimate joy of grandchildren. I can’t think of a way to spend my life that is more satisfying.

“You can’t learn from remembering. You can’t learn from guessing. You can learn only from moving forward at the rate you are moved, as brightness, into brightness.”   Sarah Manguso

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