What’s In A Color?

A couple came to look at our house recently. They commented that they didn’t care for all the “blue.” At first I was surprised.  I mean, who doesn’t like blue? Then I was a bit angry.  Critiquing my decorating so harshly is not nice.  (Maybe I’m not as detached from this house as I thought.)  Then I was hurt. And . . .  I don’t know why.

What is it about a color that we like or don’t like? Why do I love blue?  I mean looooove blue?  And obviously others don’t?

When Gramps and I first built this house, I loved blue, especially blue and white. I thought I would just indulge this budding fancy and then be done with it.  So I put blue in every room.  Some rooms are truly “blue” and others have only a touch.  The kitchen is all- out blue and white with a collection of blue and white china pieces on the wall. That collection has grown and spilled over into a bedroom and a bathroom.

I really believed if I let go and let my “blue” beast have her way, I would tire of it.  Blue would lose its charm and I could move on to another world of color.  But I have found just the opposite – I LOVE BLUE MORE NOW THAN EVER BEFORE!  When I walk into a store, the blue and white combination always draws my eye, whether it’s china, furniture or clothes.  I’m hooked!   I’m addicted!  Be it stripes, patterns, polka dots or solids – blue and white is what I love!  What I want!  What I must have!

Okay, okay.  (Deep breath. Exhale)  I still don’t understand why.  I know colors affect our moods.  Blue is supposed to be a soothing cool color, but it sure can get me excited.  Why is that?

Kids have favorite colors, even at very young ages.  My sweet GD Katie loves pink and purple and has since she knew what colors were.  And yet she asked for a green Easter dress. She’s young – only 4 yo. She still has time to become totally addicted like the rest of us.

Now my 6yo GS #2 has maintained, “Red is my favorite color, you know.” for the last 3 years and has never wavered from that.  I venture to say it will always be his favorite. He’s that kind of kid – very clear in what he likes, wants, knows.

There’s just something about a color that makes us feel at home, safe, comfortable – that’s blue for me.  Even though I have always maintained that every house needs a red room, for me, that room would be in a blue house. Being surrounded by blue, any blue, all blues, makes me happy.  I even wear a lot of blue, not surprising. It’s a color that can say chic or country, crisp or soft, young or grownup.   It’s my color.  It fits me . I can’t seem to get enough. As hard as I try, there seems to be no point of too much blue. Not for me anyway.

So now, I can let go a bit more of my house that I thought I already had.  My colors are not everybody’s colors. That’s okay.   Blue is not for everyone.  That’s  okay. Each person may express their self and their love of color individually and with character. That’s okay.  The people who buy my house can eliminate every speck of blue. That’s okay. I can make my next house as blue as I want.  That’s okay.

I still do not understand how color affects us as it does.  But I do understand that it does. And that is very okay.

7 thoughts on “What’s In A Color?

  1. Hi Granny,

    Well I am a blue person too! Always have been. Blue and white china, just the colors that they should be.

    There is a show on tv, can’t remember the name, about helping people sell their houses quickly, and they show it to some people to get their reactions first, and color is one of the things that people make disparaging comments about. I think what does the color matter, you buy and paint it your own color choices!?! But apparently it is a huge deal for people. The own color biases get in the way and they can’t see beyond that. But that person feeling free to express that in your house, that was totally mean and inappropriate, as far as I am concerned. I’m sorry that happened.

    “Blue is the coolest color – the color of the sky, ocean, sleep, twilight. The ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli to represent heaven. Blue symbolizes the Virgin Mary. A pure blue is the color of inspiration, sincerity and spirituality…Blue gives a feeling of distance. Artists use it to to show perspective. This is a good way to understand the energy of the color blue – it allows us to look beyond and increase our perspective outward. It contains a cool vibration that is helpful to communication.

    The vibration if blue can be used to open energy flow where it is blocked. Using blue to relax will encourage feelings of communication and peace.

    Put some blue in your life when you want:

    calm and relaxation to counteract chaos or agitation
    to open the flow of communication
    to broaden your perspective in learning new information
    solitude and peace.”


    “Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.

    Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect. Blue is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness. In heraldry, blue is used to symbolize piety and sincerity… Dark blue is associated with depth, expertise, and stability.

    Light blue is associated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness.
    Dark blue represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness.”


    “Psychology of Color: Blue

    Ask people their favorite color and a clear majority will say blue. Much of the world is blue (skies, seas). Seeing the color blue actually causes the body to produce chemicals that are calming; but that isn’t true of all shades of blue. Some shades (or too much blue) can send a cold and uncaring message. Many bedrooms are blue because it’s calm, restful color. Over the ages blue has become associated with steadfastness, dependability, wisdom and loyalty (note how many uniforms are blue). People tend to be more productive in a blue room because they are calm and focused on the task at hand. Some studies are showing that weight lifters can lift more weight in a blue gym – in fact, nearly all sports are enhanced in blue surroundings.”


    Good and healing blue thoughts to you.


    • Wow! I never knew all that about blue! I just knew I loved it! You constantly amaze
      me! I love that comment about having good and blue thoughts. So perfect for me! I never thought about blue thoughts but I have them. Truly I do! Thank you for such a lovely comment.


      • Hi Granny,

        You’re welcome. Hmmm. Okay now you got me wondering what blue thoughts look and feel like to you. 🙂


  2. Love everything about your page! Love colors in my life and I love all colors. Congratulations on your gorgeous home! It belongs in a magazine! Picture perfect! Love your choice of words, you paint your feelings with words! I’m a granny myself and your opening description was just plain magical! I believe I was born to be a granny! Love everything here and don’t go changing! People will be people, and some just don’t have the “social intelligence” to filter their thoughts! My granny always said, if you don’t have something nice to say just don’t say it! Color choices are a personal preference! Love your blue! Love it! Congratulations once again, your soul is joyous so please keep on giving! Don’t go changing!

  3. Your blue home is a dream! Like you, I have been a blue girl for all of my 56 years. My shades of blue have shifted at times but always blue. It’s the only colour I never tire of and I also prefer to wear blue. Your decorating style is glorious. Thank you Granny (I’m Granny too)

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