Bring Your Own Pom Pons

Recently I was invited to join the board of our church’s day school. It is the ruling entity for the wonderful Preschool and Kindergarten program that is offered for the community from our church building Monday through Friday. The school has been in existence for many years and is truly one of the finest day schools I have ever seen. We are ever so proud of it and to be asked to join is an honor.

Even though I felt quite special to be called to such a job, I was a bit puzzled. Why me? What did I have to offer? Most of the people involved are younger, with school aged children who had previously or were currently attending the day school. My children are grown and I have no one attending the school. I’m a granny, long past having kids in school.

Feeling a bit out of place, I went to my first board meeting last night. Everyone was pleasant. Introductions all around. Questions anyone? Yes, what about non-meeting workloads, new technologies for next year, church-school relations, setting up a lending library? Oh my goodness, my head was spinning! Did everybody know their place but me? Was I the only one unsure about their role and purpose?

Finally I spoke up. “I’m a little unclear about why I’m here.” Everyone just looked at me in silence. Eventually a very nice gentleman, Steve, spoke. He told me that the board had come together earlier in the year to try to highlight the areas they felt were weak. They then tried to come up with the names of people they felt could best fill those gaps and possibly turn them into strengths.

Steve went on to say that everyone felt the board had a need for a cheerleader, a person that could keep the group energized and maybe add a bit of fun. As he said this, everyone looked at me! Well, I thought he was talking about the new board member sitting next to me! No, he meant me!

Ok, note to self – bring pom pons to next board meeting! Well, I can be cheerleader. I can be positive. I can be uplifting. I can get people up and going, whether it’s a school board, quilting friends or my grandchildren.

Being a cheerleader takes work and energy but what in life doesn’t? It’s worth it to me. It’s worth getting dressed in my cheerleader outfit (even making my cheerleader outfit), practicing my cheers WITH my pom pons and finally performing my cheers in front of others. It is so worth it to see and experience the joy and enthusiasm of everyone who cheers along with me. Oh so worth it!

It’s fun while I’m doing it and then provides great memories after. And what grand cheers to teach the next generations coming up. Nobody is born a cheerleader. We all must be taught. First we use borrowed pom pons and then we graduate to our own. And finally, when you get to my age, you write your own cheers. Yes, I can do this! I can be a cheerleader!

And so, dear Sweetie, can you! Try being the cheerleader in your life! And don’t forget your pom pons!

7 thoughts on “Bring Your Own Pom Pons

  1. Hello Dear Granny,

    Not only are you a great cheerleader. You are an excellent judge of people. You see strengths in others and you can point those out, show pride for the other person, and be supportive of that. You see the good in others. You nurture the good in others. You make a wonderful friend and a wonderful cheerleader. Good journeys my friend.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


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