Every Mom Is A Supermom

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I found an amazing book, “My Mommy Hung The Moon, A Love Story” by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell. It is a true revelation of unconditional love between mother and child. So grab the little one (or big one) you love and enjoy as the ordinary moments of everyday life become extraordinary because of the magic of mother’s love.

From whichever view you are approaching this Mother’s Day, mother or child, you will fall in love with this tender, sweet, funny story. Here for you, my Sweeties, is the entire book. But please get your own copy to thoroughly appreciate the glorious illustrations.

My mother hung the moon. She tied it with string.                                                                My mommy’s good at everything.                                                                                       She lit up the sun, so bright and so round.                                                                         She puffed out each cloud, stretched trees from the ground.

When she pours down rain so it’s wet and dark,                                                                     I climb up on her like she’s Noah’s ark.                                                                              She zaps out the thunder and makes lightning glow,                                                        then crayons for me a giant rainbow.

She feathered the birds. She taught them to chirp.                                                            She taught me to speak, my cousin to burp.                                                                      She grows all the food and makes it from scratch,                                                             and when she bakes cookies, it’s a BIG MOMMA BATCH!

She writes all the books. She made me TV.                                                                       She drew every ‘toon, boxed all DVDs.                                                                              She webbed all the world, she dotted .com.                                                                      She e’d the email, my own CD MOM.

My mommy’s the boss. She drives in the pool.                                                                   She cures all the sick. She works every tool.                                                                      She zooms in the car and boy, it goes fast!                                                                        And those rocket ships, guess who made them blast?

She flies all the planes. She rows all the ships.                                                                   She makes my new kite do spins and backflips.                                                               She molds every ball, carves rackets and bats.                                                                 And stealing the bases? She’s way good at that!

She buzzed every bee. She spun every spider.                                                                 She growled every bear. She striped every tiger.                                                                My mommy makes music and boy, can she rock.                                                           While we hip and hop, my mommy moonwalks.

She rules the whole world from her throne. She’s my queen.                                              My mommy is nice. She never is mean.                                                                              She pours all the seas and sparkles each star.                                                                  And then she collects one in my night-light jar.

And when she paints night so jet black and deep,                                                              my mommy ship rocks my gently to sleep.                                                                               I dream about how she gave me my start.                                                                               I love my mommy with all of my heart.

Then when I’m asleep all safe in my nest,                                                                            my mommy stays up and does all the rest.                                                                          My mommy hung the moon. She tied it with string.                                                              My mommy’s good at everything.

Blessings and all good things to all moms! Have a wonderful day expressing love and appreciation to your mom. And for those moms who have passed on, remember them by talking about them, telling the funny stories, reliving the great times and relating the lessons to the next generation of loved ones. Nothing makes a mom happier than really good memories! So make them!

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