“Grand” Things Kids Say

One of my grandsons, who just turned seven years old, loves his dips and sauces. He favors chips and salsa, fries and ketchup, and pretty much anything else that can be added on the side in a small bowl. The one “go with everything” sauce he has asked for since he could speak is Ranch Dressing. This little chef is always looking for a good new “dipper” sauce to add to his increasing list of favored condiments. Recently, he developed his own concoction by combining equal amounts of Ranch Dressing and ketchup. His name for the new sauce? “Ranchup”!!!

5 thoughts on ““Grand” Things Kids Say

  1. Sounds good. And great name. I have found that for some odd reason I have started using and love thousand island dressing as a dipping sauce, maybe when used as a sauce it could be called peninsula sauce.


    • You mean you don’t like “Ranchup”? You must be one of those purists who eat their sauces separately. How utterly adult of you!! Be adventurous, have ketchup and mustard on the same hamburger next time!! Tee Hee!


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