The Dolly Pocket Dress

My granddaughter Mary’s fifth birthday is coming up and I wanted to make something special for her. She loves dresses, dolls and pink, so I couldn’t think of anything better than a pink dress with a doll face pocket on it. Here is the beauty!IMG_0600The collar is trimmed in a twisted piping of pink and whiteIMG_0602The sleeves are capped and trimmed in the same piping.IMG_0604This time the belt is actually a piece of ribbon held by tabs sewn on the front of the dress. How lucky was I to find ribbon the exact same pink as the fabric?IMG_0606Doesn’t the ribbon make a sweet bow in the back?IMG_0620Each tab has a button holding it to the dress. Again, the luck finding the matching pink!IMG_0608The cute, cute, cute doll face was embroidered on a piece of fabric and sewn into a pocket. The doll hair was sewn in place, but yarn could have been used also. And a matching bow tacked on top. Any hair style can be done from curls to pigtails to ponytails to straight.IMG_0610IMG_0612A small matching collar with matching trim was made and attached to the pocket face.IMG_0618Then the whole pocket was sewn to the dress from one side, around the bottom along the seam between the face and collar and up the other side. Leave the top open for hiding little treasures and pocket dolls. IMG_0616I had so much fun making this dress. I’m sure Mary will have fun wearing it too because it has “twirl factor”. That’s what she calls the amount of fabric that spins out when she twirls in a dress. Besides being pink, “twirl factor” is a must in dress wear these days.

I think I might have to make another of these dresses in a larger size also. When I told her mother about Mary’s birthday dress, she excitedly chimed, “I want one too!” Well really, who wouldn’t? Okay, now I’m going to have to make two big girl size dresses – one for Mary’s mom and one for ME!!!Β IMG_0600New rule – every girl should have a dolly pocket dress once in her life!

4 thoughts on “The Dolly Pocket Dress

  1. I love the twirl factor, me too, I want to have just the right amount of twirl factor. πŸ™‚ So lovely that someone has you to make them such a beautiful dress. πŸ™‚

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


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