The Joy of Saying Maybe

Joy SpaceEveryone knows how to say yes. We applaud, give a nod, check the box, smile or simply say, “I agree”.

Everyone knows how to respond with a no. We shake our heads, give a thumbs down, X it out or simply answer “nope”.

But a maybe is sometimes hard to express. We can shrug our shoulders, give a wink, wave our hand back and forth. The word maybe itself is hard to say. We feel compelled to give a yes or no answer, to commit ourselves one way or the other. Being undecided somehow seems wrong or at least very wishy-washy, which gives the connotation of being spineless.

There is, however, nothing wrong with putting off a decision until later. Give yourself a little time to weigh the circumstances and make an informed judgement. Nothing wrong with that at all. The problem is verbalizing it when needed.

To assist us all, I have come up with a list of twelve ways to say maybe. Twelve ways to postpone a decision until later. Twelve delaying tactics to give time to think and decide at a later date. Use them at your discretion, my Sweeties.

Twelve Ways To Say Maybe

1 – We’ll see.

2 – Perhaps

3 – Possibly

4 – God willing

5 – Let me sleep on that

6 – I’ll have to talk to my husband/my wife/my mom/Jesus about that

7 – Could be

8 – Ask me again later

9 – I can’t say

10 – I’m uncertain

11 – Whatever

12 – Who knows

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