Getting Fit With A Fitbit

fitbit-45All I see around me now are Fitbits. You know, those black (or blue or red) rubber bracelets with the occasional flashing lights. Everyone I know has one. And everyone who has one seems to be fit, trim and healthy.

I want one! I think it will make me fit and trim. I’m sure it is a magical band that will add to my health simply by hanging on my wrist.

I think I might get healthier just wanting it.

I ordered my Fitbit. I went online, Googled and searched. I found the best Fitbit (actually they’re all the same) and it will be here in three days. I’m so excited! I’m waiting in my recliner until the mystical little piece of rubber arrives.

I think I might get healthier just waiting for it.

It’s here! My Fitbit has arrived. The black strap fits perfectly on my wrist and it looks great.

I’ve worn the bracelet for one hour and I’m sure the magic is starting to happen. I’ve just about figured out the clasp mechanism.

I think I might get healthier just owning it.

Well, I’ve worn my mystical Fitbit for 24 hours. What a fantastic day it has been! I’ve learned it only takes me eight minutes to fall asleep and I only take 4000 steps a day. I think my muscles might be getting toned, my blood might be circulating better and my lungs might be clearing. Now if I just understood what all the tap-tap-tapping was about.

I’m thinking my health might be improving just wearing it.

OK, it’s been one week now. My Fitbit looks great. I’ve worn it every day all day. I can tap, I can sync, I can connect. I have, however, not lost any weight, not increased my endurance, not met my goal of 10,000 steps a day. The pretty black bracelet, i’ve discovered, is not magical, although it does perform some pretty great things. It counts my steps but it won’t walk for me. It monitors my activity level but it won’t move for me . It tells me how I sleep but it won’t exercise for me. Bummer! Basically my Fitbit doesn’t work. I have to do all the work. Double Bummer! Nobody mentioned that in the instructions!

I think I might have to get up, break a sweat and walk my brains out to get healthy and fit.


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