Look What We Did!

IMG_0023In 2013 my Quilting Bee held an exchange challenge of quilt blocks. Each person made squares for others and the same number of squares were made for them. I sent out eight blocks from a BOM (Block of the Month) that I never got done. In exchange, I made eight blocks for eight other women in the group. We had all year to finish the blocks, then they were given back to their owners at Christmas.

IMG_0030This is my exchange quilt from that challenge. Isn’t it lovely?! I love the idea that a village of quilters contributed to this wonderful beauty. You wouldn’t know to look at it but ten people worked on this cutey. Eight people made squares and then I put on the sashing and borders.

The tenth person did the fabulous quilting. Isn’t it amazing that so many can work on a piece and yet it looks like one person did it all?

IMG_0026This is truly a community effort and somehow all the love and care of each contributor comes through whenever I touch the quilt. It’s like being hugged by a whole family all at once. It doesn’t get any better!


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