Welcome To Granny’s Little House

I love miniatures. I love small-size anything. So naturally I’m a real sucker for miniature dolls and doll houses.

IFWhen my daughter was three years old, we (meaning her grandfather, father and I) built her a doll house. It was almost as tall as she was at the time. My father built the house from plans we found in a McCalls magazine. Gramps built most of the furniture and I decorated the house. It took several months and we got it done just in time for Christmas.

My daughter loved and played with that little house for many years. When she no longer felt the need to own it, the pink doll house came back to me. I have loved it from day one and have added furniture and accessories over the years.

When we moved into our new house, I made a special place for the house in the window seat of the guest bedroom. The little house, now 40 years old, needs upgrading and some rehab, but it’s just as cute as ever.

IFThe kitchen with Grandma bringing in the groceries. Lots of good food on the stove and ice cream on the table.

IFI keep expecting that small phone to ring!

IFNext to the kitchen is the dining room.

IFThe table is set and ready for a lovely meal. In fact, the pie is all ready to be cut and served.

IFThese are tiny little photos on the wall of the dining room. Could they be any smaller or cuter?

IFOn to the living room, where Grandpa in enjoying the paper and a pipe. Papa is the corner study with a cup of coffee.

IFDetails of the side table and the cat taking a nap in the basket.

IFUpstairs, Mama is bringing fresh flowers to the bedroom.

IMG_0042Mama’s dressing table with perfumes, combs and brushes. Such a lovely little corner of the room, don’t you think?

IFMama’s shoes, handbag, gloves and Papa’s slippers.

IMG_0040Wonderful old-fashioned bathroom with fluffy towels.

IMG_0039IFThis bathroom even comes with the tiniest toothbrush I’ve ever seen!

IFBaby and Junior are upstairs in the nursery. Plenty to play with there.


IFOne of my favorite rooms – the sewing room.

IFLots going here.

IMG_0033Out on the veranda, it’s tea time.

IMG_0034I love visiting my sweet doll house and its occupants. The house is definitely showing some wear and tear after all the years but is very loved. Time for some maintenance on the old place. There is also another small house ready to be built and moved onto the window seat. Oh boy! Neighbors!


6 thoughts on “Welcome To Granny’s Little House

  1. All your posts are wonderful all the time!!! But what a treat it was to see all of this!!! I really enjoyed seeing each piece of work in each room and all the details!!! Loved it!!!

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