Let’s Walk

Every evening as the sun is setting and the temperature is becoming more tolerable, Gramps and I take a walk around the neighborhood. We don’t exactly power walk, but we don’t meander either. We walk fast enough to raise our heart rate and slow enough to talk.


Part of the reason we do this activity is health improvement. Walking has a positive effect on almost every part of the body and on almost any problem you might have. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? But it’s true!

Walking improves thinking, sleep, blood pressure, weight, the immune system and Vitamin D levels. It strengthens the heart, legs, butt, tummy and bones, and reduces stress and risk of dementia. What else can do so much for you while requiring nothing but shoes and a little time?

The biggest reason Gramps and love to walk is it is fun. We hold hands, talk, look at nature and visit with others walking their dogs on the same route. It is really a grand time for us. We share happenings from the day, bring up new ideas, rehash old ideas, make future plans. We listen intently to each other and laugh a lot. Sometimes we just walk in silence and listen to the sounds of the neighborhood. What a precious time it is!


When grandchildren come to visit, they usually walk with us (or use a bike or a scooter or whatever). They love taking the walkie-talkies along for some added interest. One of them runs ahead with one of the walkie-talkies and gives a report of what they see i.e.. an ant hill, two toads and a robin. The kids see things we usually don’t, so it is an added treat. In fact, it is so much fun with the kids, we usually go farther. And the little ones like to hold hands too!


I can’t think of many things more fun, more positive or more healthy than just plain old walking around where you live. Can we walk?


4 thoughts on “Let’s Walk

  1. My fondest memories of my time with my late Gran are the ones where she took me for a Humble walk.. In my pram or holding my hand. In the country or on the beach. I’m sure the same will be of your grandchildren too x

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