Cardboard Boxes

My grandmother had them. My mother had them. I have them. You have them. Cardboard boxes. Not the ones with old tires or clothes the wrong size, but those with childhood drawings, toys, baby clothes and photos inside.

cardboard boxes

We all save moments of our loved ones’ time on Earth, in cardboard boxes. They become the receptacles for badges, awards, trophies, honors and honorable mentions. All of the special drawings, macaroni pictures, wire sculptures and finger paintings are lovingly put up, for us to view in later years and remember the sweet feelings and love of the time.

When I visited my mother, I would enjoy getting into those old boxes and reliving those precious memories of my past. So much of my youth was captured and saved in recycled boxes for me to revisit on my treks home. My mother loved to reminisce about those moments with me. too.


We shared great times over coffee, cookies and those tattered old boxes. We relived school events, birthdays, Christmases and Girl Scout trips. All kinds of bits and pieces of my life brought back memories and shared times. We would talk, laugh and cry, all in one afternoon. It was magical!

Now I have my own cardboard memory boxes, full of moments from my childrens’ youth. Those special photos, baby clothes made by Nana, loved toys and two tiny Baptismal candles.

When my children (and grandchildren) come to visit we walk down memory lane in our own way. We open our boxes and revisit times at church camp, Cinnamon our dog, several pet cats, family vacations and three different moves.

Isn’t it amazing that we all should keep some of our most precious possessions in such flimsy containers? Cardboard boxes can appear so temporary, so easily degradable and yet hold such irreplaceable souvenirs. They hold the memories of life itself.


Cardboard boxes are not really boxes after all. They are treasure chests. They hold the treasures of lives spent in our company, the memories of ones we love and cherish, the reminders of babyhood and youth. Guard your cardboard boxes well! Many of them have fragile contents!

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