I Remember When

Here is my newest creation, entitled “I Remember When.”


This quilt is made from doilies, linens and handkerchiefs collected from my grandmother, mother and aunt. It took me years to gather enough to finally make this quilt big enough              to cover a queen-size bed.


There are tablecloths, tea towels, doilies, and handkerchiefs all over this thing. Some were in good shape and some were barely salvageable. The torn and spotted ones were perfect for such a project, which required much cutting.


I remember many of these linens in their homes and being used. They bring back memories of good times, cozy gatherings, and sweet smells. They make the quilt that much more lovable and huggable.


It was so fun to touch each piece and imagine how it would fit in the quilt. Turning it this way and that way, until it was perfect. Each fabric finding its right place. It was as though the quilt already existed and I just had to see it in my mind. And it turned out just right!


This memory quilt holds a lot of history of the women of my family. History held in pieces of linen passed down from one generation to another, to be used and loved. I hope this quilt continues the tradition of passing on the story to the next generations.



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