Spring Is At The Door

Spring has come early in our part of Texas. That usually means a hot summer with lots of bugs. Yuck!  Truthfully, you can have spring anytime you want, in your mind and in your heart. So I have decided to have spring. Lots of blooming flowers, mild weather, sunshine, no gusty winds and sweet smelling blossoms. That is spring in my mind and so it shall be! No matter that is raining with wind gusts up to 35mph.


I have a bit of beautiful spring on my front door just to get me in the mood for fresh beginnings and new life. It is made from a hanging basket and faux flowers and greens. I think it looks grand!


Starting a season when you feel like it is a great thing to do. Get yourself in the mood for whatever is on the horizon. Be of good cheer! Feel renewed and refreshed when it suits you.


So spring is on my door and in my heart. I’m ready for flower blossoms everywhere. I’m ready for new life to burst forth in my life as well as my yard. I’m ready for freshness, beauty and color in my world. I’m ready for the future!

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