Making Memories

I have spent the last three days cutting out a full-circle felt black skirt, applying a white felt poodle with pompon fur, and finally gluing on a black button eye, a red bow and a red leash.  During that time, I also made a net petticoat with lace trim.  All this was done so my granddaughter Marie could have a grand time with her father at a Daddy-Daughter Dance at school.

At the same time, my son drove four hours to and four hours back to spend time with boys he loves dearly, sons of his ex-wife.  He watched them play soccer and baseball, then took them to dinner, followed by an evening of playing with Star Wars figures at the dining table.  Nothing out of the ordinary and yet extraordinary in its own way.

All of these things were done for one purpose only – to make memories.   Memories, in fact, are all we have left in time.  We remember the special things, the ordinary things, the planned, the spontaneous, the surprise and the scheduled.


All good and wonderful times are possible memories – times and events we remember and reminisce about over the years.  The feelings return and sometimes even the sights, sounds, and aromas of the particular occurrence.  We can relive one event over and over in our memory.


Having good memories is the best gift ever.  And how wonderful it is to grant that gift to another, especially a child!   Time spent making memories for others is never wasted.  It is well spent, precious time you will always be glad you had.  It, in itself, will become a fond recollection of doing something wonderful for someone you love.

This circle of making memories goes on and on and never gets old.  It is fresh and fun and exciting each and every time.  So  if you are asking the question, “Is it worth my time and effort?”, the answer is definitely – YES!! It is always worth your time, effort, care and love to make some memories for someone else.


Go – do it now!  Start spending the time and energy to make remembrances for yourself and those you love.  It’s important!


And don’t forget to record each event.  Take pictures, get souvenirs, make a time capsule, record a journal or paint a picture.  Whatever is your tradition or family way.  Make it count!


Be sure there is a picture or souvenir for everyone, because everyone will want to remember the event.  Everyone deserves to have the memory.

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