One Perfect Moment

It was not a holiday. Just a Sunday afternoon, about 3:30 pm as I remember.

There were no streamers. Just a small audience of friends and families.

There were no fireworks. Just the sounds of applause after each child played their musical number.

Nothing all that special, but just right in its own way – one music recital, one afternoon, one perfect moment.

Our grandson Mac has been playing the drums for almost two years now and is getting pretty good. He enjoys it, which is the most important part.


He doesn’t actually smile while he drums, except, of course, when he sees a familiar face in the audience. Then there is the briefest grin and sparkle in his eyes. Otherwise, he is very serious and most intent.

Drumming after all, is serious business at this point. He seems more confident than at the last recital and is able to smoothly go from drum to drum to cymbal and back again. But all that requires thought, memory and attention.


Mac played his recital number, “God Bless America”, flawlessly. All that practicing really paid off. He kept the beat, played the off-beats, made the riffs, and ended with a cymbal slap. Video cameras and cell phones were poised and recorded every second of the wonderful musical event.

We, meaning both sets of grandparents and his mother, were proud beyond reason. We clapped and shouted, smiled and laughed, pointed and high-fived.


After the entire recital of drum, piano, and guitar numbers, we hugged and praised the budding musician. All attention was on him and his two minutes of fame.


Then we all went home with joy and pride in our hearts. We relived that special time in our minds for days. Now we are enjoying watching the video of our prized drummer on the TV.

That’s all there was – just an afternoon. Just a recital. Just a perfect moment preserved forever in our memories.

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