Fancy Bottoms

This is a beautiful window I made out of an old window, cabochons (small glass discs with one flat side), and cut-glass dishes.  Of course, it did not start out looking this good.


The project began with an old dirty window I found at a local antique store.  In fact, one of the panes was broken and had to be replaced.




Some old windows have slots on the sides where cords are attached to run the windows up and down.  I removed the cords from the slots, which are not visible when the window is hanging .


The first thing to do is paint the old window.  I chose Annie Sloan paint because it requires no sanding and dries to a nice matte finish –  white to match the bathroom trim.




Here is the window all nice and painted white.  What a difference, right?  I then used a razor scraper on the panes to remove the paint I got on them – no need for masking.  The window was ready for decorating!


I looked for glass dishes that had nice fancy bottoms because they would be glued on upside-down.  I bought glass cabochons online in four different sizes to set off the dishes, using different layouts in each pane.

Weldbond glue holds everything very well and dries clear.  All the pieces were glued to the glass panes with the window laying flat.  Any design will work – use your imagination and lay the pieces out in varying ways.

Simple chains and hooks from the hardware store are used to hang it from the window frame.

Here’s the window in the bathroom over the tub at sunset with no lights on.  I love it!


A different view of the window with the lights on.  Isn’t it amazing?


This is the window after sunset – it changes through the day with the varying light.  I hope you enjoy my lovely window as much as I do.


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