One Perfect Pew

I have the most adorable little church pew. It only seats two and is probably at least 70 to 80 years old. I bought it 40 years ago and have loved it ever since. The sweet seat is a lovely stained wood with curlicues, curves and an arch on both ends.


The pew has been in almost every room of the many houses I have lived in over the years. It is so cute and I have never seen the need to change anything about it. It always fit in wherever it was and made a statement by just being itself.

Lately, however, I have been wanting to update the little pew, make it new and different. So I daringly painted the ends an alabaster white.


That was a bit too white though, so I added a dark brown grey glaze to tone down the white and emphasize the details. That was just perfect! But then it was a little too matte, so I waxed the ends. Now they absolutely glow!

The little pew was asking for even more update. So stenciling it was! I used a French store address on the back panel. The paint I used was again a dark brown grey, that shows but looks very vintage in my home. Now the pew is really perfect!


pew-stencil-closeuppew-stencilTo be honest, I was terrified to attempt to paint and stencil that piece of furniture. How glad I am that I did. I have learned from experience that I seldom regret the things I try to do but often regret the things I do not try to do. Bravery often pays off.

So be brave, even it’s just with a paint brush!

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