I Don’t Like The Way I Look

My granddaughter Marie age 9, just got glasses. Come to find out her eyesight is really bad and probably has been since birth. She has compensated all these years by sitting up close, memorizing and just getting by. How frustrating must that have been? I can’t even imagine.


So now she has glasses and is worried about other kids making fun of her. She thinks she will look “goofy” or strange.

I reminded her that Gramps and I both wear glasses and she doesn’t think we look “goofy”, does she? Of course not!

I also said, “I bet you look cute as a button with those glasses on.”

She said, “Well, they are pretty cute.”

Kids get their self-esteem cues from others, so plant those good seeds right away. Tell them how wonderful they are and be specific. Tell them all their wonderful traits and tell them often.

Caucasian grandmother and grandson cooking together

Grandson Mac age 11 now has braces and has stopped smiling for photos. At least smiling that shows his teeth. Many other kids his age have braces but he feels very awkward about his.


I tell him about my time in braces and funny things that happened. He is not too impressed at present but we did get him to smile very nicely for the family Christmas picture.

He seems able to talk about his braces more openly now and hiding them less. All good signs of adjusting to wearing them.

We all have certain things about ourselves we think are not pretty or presentable. Many of these things cannot be changed. Some will last forever and some are only a temporary inconvenience. Whatever, we must learn to accept them.

Hispanic girl kissing grandfather

Helping children to accept the way they look is a true gift. You are the mirror that reflects their self-image. Make sure they see only beauty and goodness in your eyes and in your words.

4 thoughts on “I Don’t Like The Way I Look

  1. We love you Granny. With all the words and all the actions you share here, you show just the kind of Granny and human being that you are. One that we want for our granny.

    Good and healing thoughts to you all.


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