What I Learned While Getting Sick. . . . And Sicker

Have you missed me, my Sweeties? I certainly have missed you the last two months!

Nine weeks ago, I went into the hospital for a simple surgery to cure a diagnosis of early colon cancer. It was supposed to be a quick, laparoscopic, no-frills surgery.

The surgery went fine, except I developed a blockage afterwards and required a second surgery four days later.

That would have been fine too, but some intestinal contents leaked out and I became septic. Now sepsis is a big deal and a very serious condition.

I know because it affected my heart rate, which went to 220 bpm. All this required conversion with medications and a move to Coronary ICU.

In the meantime, I also developed an abscess in my abdomen, necessitating the placement of a drain for about two weeks.

The two antibiotics I was receiving IV required the placement of a PICC line in my right arm.  I was a mess!!!

By this time, I had been in the hospital for almost a month. I then was sent to Rehab for three weeks of IV antibiotics and Physical Therapy.

So what can be learned from an experience such as this? Many things, I realized. Some at the time. Some much later.

Fighting the inevitable is non-productive and exhausting. Sometimes you just have to face the issue and go with it.

Never discount the power of prayer. Allow others to pray for you and those caring for you.

Strength comes from simply surviving.

Maintaining a sense of gratitude helps. Saying “thank you” to everyone who does you a kindness keeps you in the right attitude.

Allow others to give. It is a blessing to receive from others and this is the time to let them do it.

True friends and family will step up to the challenge. I was never alone and never had to face any of my problems by myself. What a gift!!

There is always a silver lining. I had to look long and hard for this one – but I lost 20 pounds! Now that’s good news!

Perseverance pays off.  Keeping a positive attitude helped me believe that everything would turn out alright.

Things temporarily lost are twice as enjoyable when regained. Every yard more I can walk and every bit more sewing I can do is a joy to me and is worth every ounce of effort.

Don’t mourn what is lost. Praise what is gained. I am cancer free! I am alive! I will be healthy again! I can ask for nothing more!!!!!!!

13 thoughts on “What I Learned While Getting Sick. . . . And Sicker

  1. Dear sweet wonderful Granny,

    I am so happy and excited to hear from you. 75 days ago I starting sending Reiki healing energy to you and Gramps daily. I had decided to do 100 days in a row at the beginning. I hope that you felt our love and the healing energy. I’ve missed you tons.

    Good and healing thoughts to yous.



    • You are the sweetest ever!! Yes I felt the love and care coming from you. I’ve missed you too. It is just so good to be alive and on the mend.

      I see things are improving for you also. So glad to hear it. Hope the rest of the year is the best ever . . . . for both of us.


      • Hi Granny,

        I reached the 100 days of Reiki for you and Gramps a few days ago and decided intuitively to keep you on my list for an hour of Reiki daily for another 100 days. Let me know if you think Gramps should be added back. So expect lots of love and healing coming your way for a few months from the direction of Minnesota !

        Good and healing thoughts to yous.


  2. Oh I am so glad it is behind you. Sounds like you had much personal growth as a result, or it could be you were already in the right frame of mind. I look forward to your posts. Be well!

    • How kind of you to say so. I think every experience helps us grow, if we let it Of course, it is easier to view afterwards than while it is happening. I too am glad it is behind me. Thank you for your thoughts.


  3. Our precious Davene! So happy you are getting it all back. You always have to go the extra mile and not take the easy way. God is good and I thank Him for you! Kathleen 💕

    • Yes God is very good, all the time! It does seem I took the hard road this time, doesn’t it? Maybe we all have to do that every once in awhile to learn the hard lessons. It is so difficult to get the hard stuff when everything is going along well. As much as we hate the hard times, I think we need them to really grow in our lives.

      Thanks for your lovely words. Love you too!


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