Mac Says Goodbye

Grandpa, our 13 year old grandson Mac’s other grandfather, died yesterday. Grandpa had been in and out of the hospital and Rehab for the last several months. He had been under Hospice care for only three days when he passed.

Mac was very attentive to Grandpa and saw him often. Mac said his goodbyes in many ways.

Mac always went right up to Grandpa and gave him a kiss when entering the room. He was never afraid to come near him or touch him. Mac often sat next to Grandpa on his hospital bed and held his hand when he did.

Being close and touching someone is such an intimate expression of love. It says so many things that words cannot. How amazing that a thirteen year old boy was able to express himself in this way and it was so sweet to see.

Mac remained brave throughout Grandpa’s decline. He talked with him. He joked with him. He reminisced with him. Sometimes he just sat quietly with him while he slept.

Grandpa always perked up when he saw Mac. Usually greeting him with “Hey, how ya doin’ big boy?” Then they smiled and hugged each other. This amazing hello occurred for the last time just two days before Grandpa passed, but Mac was just as eager as ever to receive it and give a hug back.

Mac was never ashamed to say “Love you too” to anyone, especially Grandpa. Grandpa knew everyday how Mac felt about him. There was never a doubt.

Grandpa knew he was important to Mac and he was loved by Mac. Grandpa was a great influence, a wonderful mentor and an outstanding example in the life of his only grandson. Mac was able, in so many ways, to communicate this to him in those last months, weeks and days.

I’m sure Mac will have no regrets. He will feel he said everything needed to Grandpa. He spoke in every way possible.

Mac did more than say goodbye. He said, “I love you. I respect you. I honor you. I will make you proud of me. I will remember you.”

Goodbye Grandpa.

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