My Favorite Place

I have spent all day in my favorite place – my sewing room. The HQ of all fabric projects. The hub of my quilting and sewing empire. The center of my needle and thread world.

You sure wouldn’t know it’s the HQ of anything by looking at it though. It’s a mess! Piles everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. Like high rise buildings in NYC, growing taller with me working down at street level. It can look intimidating at times.

But I know what is in every one of those piles. Projects I am working on and projects I will get to. There is a certain order to it all, no matter what it looks like.

How exciting to see my piles and feel such comfort, knowing I will probably never run out of things to do. I never have to think, what will I do next?  I always have something waiting for me in a pile.

It’s like Christmas everyday. There’s a present to open – a project – whenever I’m ready to start. I have piles of presents just waiting for me to open. How lucky am I?

My sewing room is colorful and bright too. Just sitting in the light from the window makes me happy. But on a sunny day at the sewing machine is the best way to spend time. I could sit there all day with the machine humming away and me completely unaware of the time,

Just walking through the doorway of my sewing room excites me. I start thinking of all sorts of creative and fabulous things I can do. Colors start to jump out and patterns begin call to me. All sorts of ideas begin to spin in my mind. My room starts my thinking engine and gets me energized.

Being surrounded by fabrics all organized by color warms my heart. The colors and hues, especially all the blues, just speak to me. There is not a more joyful place on earth for me.

At the same time, my room keeps me calm. When I have a difficult project, a problem that needs calculating, I can go to that special space and work it out. I have everything I need to solve a fabric problem in there. I gives me a lot of confidence to know that.

And do I love to share my room with others! When fellow quilters and sewers come to visit, I enjoy letting them see my precious sewing room. Quilters are like that, you know.

We want to see how others organize their fabrics, stack their projects and deal with piles. We can’t wait to see what others are working on and have up on their design wall. We absolutely must know how others use color to inspire and decorate, and what they hide in the closet. It’s an obsession really.

We all love our sewing room and it shows. We invest a lot in our sewing room and it shows. We spend a lot of time in our sewing room and it shows.

It all shows. The room and me – we both are better for all the time, love and attention we share.

Yessirree – it shows!!!


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