The Joy Of Large And Small

Usually our Quilt Retreat in January is enjoyed by 30 or more women. But in this year of restrictions, we had only 11 ladies attending. Small number but with large enthusiasm.

We arrived at the Retreat Center to find the work tables arranged in such a way that we each had a very large U shaped area to sew in. What a joy this was going to be!!!. We could spread out all our “stuff” and not bump into each other, yet still be close enough to talk and share. The perfect large/small space!

And we could each have a bedroom to ourselves. Talk about living large! No worrying about disturbing others when you went to bed or got up, no needing to wear earplugs or fighting over the fan off/fan on issue.

We were not allowed to use the dining area, again due to COVID restrictions, so we ate at our work areas in small groups of 2-4. What great conversations we had – and laughter?!!

I think we learned more things about each other because we talked more in small groups, something we don’t always get a chance to do in the large group. It seemed like a much more intimate retreat this time. Quite a blessing actually.

The food is always large!!! There’s nothing small about it – ever! I can never say enough about retreat food – especially that I don’t have to prepare it or clean up after it! That’s one of the greatest joys of retreat, besides the sewing, of course.

Now let’s get down to the reason for the whole retreat – the sewing. It was strangely large. ….and small. Here, I’ll show you.

This beauty is definitely large and was made from a million small squares. Yes, a million, by actual count. (I don’t really know. I’m just guessing!) But don’t you love all the blues?

This one is also large. It is very traditional in color and style. I would say it is practically perfect.

Now this one is very small – 5″ square to be exact. It is one block of a Dear Jane quilt. Isn’t it adorable and very precise.

Here we have large again. This going to be a quilt for a fallen police officer in the State of Texas. Isn’t it magnificent?

More small blocks for the Dear Jane quilt. The entire quilt will be pink and red. I can’t wait to see the whole thing. It will be very large!!!

Do you love these small embroidered blocks? Threadwork on black is always so striking.

This beauty is only half it’s final size, which is gigantic! The fabrics are what make this so stunning. Imagine a row of fabric between each of these rows and on the outsides. Now can you see it’s true magnificence?

And then we have this adorable little table runner. By the last day it had orange prairie points around the outside. Could it be any cuter?

And this is the epitome of large and small. It is made from little baby clothes into a big girl’s quilt. It’s very colorful and tactile. That special granddaughter is going to love it.

What a grand time I had at my small retreat! I’m bursting with big memories, a full stomach, a peaceful mind, little sewing projects, an overflowing heart and no regrets.

6 thoughts on “The Joy Of Large And Small

  1. Davene, So happy you enjoyed it so much for all of us! So miss retreats in Texas with all of you! Love all the Show & Tell, never lacking anything short of spectacular from all attending…always a real wealth of talent, friendship and best times!

  2. Hi Granny,
    I’m so happy that you were able to go, share, sew, have fun, and so much more.
    Thank you so much for sharing the quilting work. Such artistic majesty! I love it so much.
    Good and healing thoughts to you and to those you love.

    • Hi sweeties!!! It was a wonderful break from staying home so much. I’m finding I can’t live very well without people in the flesh. So good to hear from you all. Love you!!


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