The Big Chairs

I just got back from our Quilt Bee’s big fall retreat. It’s always a wonderful four days of sewing, laughing, good food, rest and renewing of relationships. I’ve previously told you about quilts we’ve made, messes we’ve made and bonds we’ve made, but I’ve never mentioned the two recliners in the corner. We call them the big chairs.

The two big chairs are brown, upholstered and sit side by side with a table in between. They are positioned between the sewing area and the breakfast area, so everyone passes by them on their way to eat, sew or go to bed. They are very handy.

And comfortable?!!!!!! Oh my!!!!! Like most recliners, they raise your feet to the perfect level and lower your head, again, to the perfect level. Many a gal has been known to take a nap in one of the big chairs. Someone passing by may even lay a quilt on the lucky lady while she is snoozing.

A big chair is just right for sitting in while hand sewing or binding a quilt. This can also lead to a little nap, if you’re not careful. Those chairs are so comfortable!!!

Early morning coffee drinkers are often seen sipping their libations while comfortably curled up in the big chairs. They chat quietly, smile and hug their warm cups, while still in their PJ’s, bathrobes and fuzzy slippers.

The big chairs are also the perfect spot for late afternoon chats, when backs and feet are tired and need rest, and throats need a cool drink. Old and new friends talk and listen, give and get advice, share sewing tips and laugh until their faces hurt – all leaning over the arms of the big chairs.

Those chairs have heard many conversations, many secrets, many dreams. They have seen many people sharing skills, ideas, fabrics and tools. They have comforted many quilters in times of sorrow, frustration, confusion and loneliness. They have provided space for togetherness, laughter, quiet, rest and unbelievable comfort.

The big chairs quietly sit in the corner and call to each and every one of us to come, sit and enjoy!!

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