How To Win When You Don’t Come In First

Grandson Mac’s high school band just recently went to state competition in San Antonio, TX. Gramps and I took our camper down for a couple days to watch the competition or more importantly, watch Mac march and play the sousaphone.

He had a great time! Mom and dad hd a great time! Gramps and I had a great time! The band performed well in prelims but did not qualify for finals. Big disappointment to all.

But in my mind they are all winners, Why? First of all, because they had fun. You could see the joy on their faces the minute they got on the buses to head for San Antonio. They celebrated Halloween at the hotel the night before their performance and their enjoyment was evident on the field. Band members and fans alike had fun the entire time.

They did their best. They all agreed it was the best they had done the show – ever! No one could have been prouder. I know we, as the fans, were bursting with pride.

No one quit or gave up. They gave it their all from beginning to end. They put in all the practice, all the time, all the effort all those months to produce something each one could be proud of.

They performed together as a team, helping, supporting and caring for each other. Each person depending on another and knowing the others depended on him. Always feeling the strength of the whole around the one.

They always held their heads high with pride. They behaved with dignity and treated others with the same – in uniform and out.

And they are looking forward to the next competition in two years. They plan to march a bit better, play a bit better and be the winners they already are.

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