We All Need A New Saxophone

A couple months ago I told all of you sweeties about my darling teenage grandson Matt and his struggle with feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. As you recall, he had made plans to end his life but luckily for all of us, he reached out for help. And he is receiving that help, in many glorious ways.

Several weeks ago Matt told me he wanted a new saxophone for Christmas. He currently is using the saxophone he has had since sixth grade. He plays in the High School Band and loves it. I think music and marching have been a big part of his healing process.

When Matt told me he wanted a new instrument, I burst into tears. It was so symbolic to me and meant so much, I was just overcome with joy and hope.

Wanting a new saxophone means he is looking forward to the future and making plans for the good.

Wanting a new saxophone means he is excited about his life.

Wanting a new saxophone means he is thinking and making decisions for his own wellbeing.

In fact, I think we all need the equivalent of a new saxophone in our lives. Something that gives us a reason to get up, get dressed, have fun, stay busy and productive. Maybe even give us a reason to live.

A new saxophone can be a wonderful hobby, like sewing and quilting are for me. It can be the perfect job or the best relationship. It can be a fresh idea or a new activity. Or maybe just a new musical instrument from Granny and Gramps.

A friend of mine has a granddaughter who is also dealing with suicidal thoughts. She is getting help and support from her family and village. Her personal saxophone is a budding modeling career.

No one can be too young or too old to get a new saxophone for Christmas. Rich or poor, male or female, city folk or country. We all need one.

Matt is getting his saxophone!

I’ve got my saxophone!

What’s your saxophone?!

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