Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

1- Find something that makes you smile

2- Find something you have today that you didn’t have yesterday

3- Find something that smells really good

4- Find something beautiful to look at

5- Find something in your favorite color

6- Find something you have wished to have for a long time and now you do

7- Find something you are thankful for in nature

8- Find something you took for granted and now see as a special gift

9- Find something that is soft and cuddly to touch

10- Find something that you use everyday

11- Find something you almost got rid of and now are grateful you didn’t

12- Without buying a thing, find a way to say “thank you” to someone in your life

13- Find someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway

14- Find a favorite food and give it a taste

15- Find that special pet and give him/her a big cuddle

16- Find something you would like to draw a picture of

17- Find something that makes a lovely sound

18- Find something that reminds you of a special person or event

19- Find that something you would grab first if your house were on fire

20- Find the perfect resting spot and contemplate all the gratitude you feel!!!!

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