Word Of The Day – LAUGH

I have a very distinctive laugh. It’s kind of loud, but I can’t help that. Everyone says it is unique and very contagious.

When I hear my laugh inside my head, it sounds fine. When I hear my laugh outside, as in a recording, it is a grating sound to me. I don’t know how other people can stand it!

I got my laugh from my mother. I laugh just like her. When we laughed together, we could shake walls. We certainly couldn’t hide anywhere when we were joyful and giggly.

I laugh easily and often everyday. My sense of humor is well developed. I inherited it from my father, who had a very dry wit. He was a good joke and story teller.

I look for the funny side of almost everything – even the saddest of occasions. Often, people view me as pretty quirky because I can laugh at the oddest of situations.

I have found laughter to be helpful in so many ways. It can relieve tension as well as break barriers. It can tell a truth as well as reveal a lie. It can ease pain and calm anxiety. It can provide joy and explain loss.

I can hardly think of a personal event in my life that wasn’t improved or eased with a chuckle or a good belly laugh.

My laugh is a gift and it’s a gift to give to others. I am now responsible to pass on my gift to my children, grandchildren, family and friends. What was given to me must be given away every day.

And so I laugh. I laugh at funny jokes. I laugh at ironic events. I laugh at silliness. I laugh at myself. I laugh with babies and toddlers. I laugh at failure. I laugh at loss. I laugh at forgetfulness. I laugh at old age.

I just laugh. I must laugh.

9 thoughts on “Word Of The Day – LAUGH

      • I feel the same way about you. I have read a few of your blog posts to my sister, who is not on the internet after retiring. They make us two laugh and cry. She loves your quilt posts. Recently I shared your button 365 project and the post about your grandson and the new musical instrument. I send you all Reiki healing energy daily. Good and healing thoughts to you.

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