Word Of The Day – Blessed

What does it really mean to be blessed? Does it mean that everything goes your way? I don’t think so – because that surely does not happen.

Does it mean you are always happy? Well, obviously not because. . . . . duh!

Does it mean you get all your wishes granted? How I wish!

So how exactly do you know you are blessed? I know I am blessed because:

I have a roof over my head.

I ate today.

I care about other people.

Other people care about me.

I have access to clean water.

I have clean clothes.

I strive to be better each day.

I have dreams.

I am breathing.

I am allowed to practice my faith.

I feel safe.

I could go on. And I’m sure you could too. Being blessed is being in a state of grace, a state of joy (which is entirely different than being happy!). It’s a gift we are given which we don’t even deserve or earn. I’m sure I live better than 95% of the people who have ever lived on this earth!!!

But being blessed is not just for our pleasure and enjoyment. Those of us that are truly blessed are given a responsibility – the responsibility to pass it on.

Every blessing is meant to be multiplied and shared, given away, gifted and distributed to others. It is our duty to be a blessing in the lives of people we meet, if only for a moment. Maybe even people we haven’t met but just know about in the world.

We must give it away in order to receive it. It’s a balancing act throughout life. The more we give, the more we will receive. Test it and you will see.

A blessed life is a balanced life. It’s a joy and a job, filled with gifts and giving that keeps growing in blessings. We receive. We give.

And so on . . . . . and so on.

Forever and ever. Amen.

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