Word Of The Day – Beauty

I’ve never felt particularly beautiful – maybe cute, but beautiful? No, not really.

What would I look like if I were beautiful? I can’t even imagine! Maybe higher cheek bones. Maybe bigger eyes. Maybe fuller lips. Maybe thicker hair. I don’t know. Maybe all that and more. Maybe none of that would make any difference. I really don’t know. I’m really not sure what physical beauty is, to be truthful.

I know when I see a beautiful view, as a towering mountain or a charming valley or the ocean or an autumn forest. You know, things like that. We know beauty when we see it in nature – it’s obvious.

And how beautiful are the smells, textures and colors of the multitudes of flowers, trees and greenery found in our world? Nothing can compare with the flora around us and available for our enjoyment at any moment. Beauty surrounds us on so many levels and in so many ways.

Cute baby animals are beautiful. All of them. Well, there are a few exceptions, but pretty much a baby anything is adorable and has a beauty all its own. We are drawn to them. We must touch them. We must make eye contact and make them smile. Their beauty is captivating.

Then think of the manmade beauty found in art, music, crafts, construction, sports, sewing, quilting. Think about the beauty of adventuring into the air, the water, the earth and the human body and how much skill that takes.

There’s beauty in any skill that can be honed to a magnificent degree and be used for the good of others. I’m thinking of doctors, engineers, Pastors, pilots, police, mechanics, teachers, dancers, etc. All we have to do is look tor the beauty in each person with their beautiful talent.

There are people with maybe no physical beauty, but radiate a beauty from within that can’t be ignored. It’s like a bright light that can’t be put out. It shines on everything around it and makes everything it touches look beautiful. The person spreads joy, happiness, confidence and truth.

Spreading beauty!!! Now that’s a skill to be admired!!!

I remember my mother telling me, “You’d be surprised how good looking a kind man becomes.” And I have found that to be true throughout my life. Kind, generous, giving people have a beauty that can’t be denied. I think it’s their eyes which see only the good in others. Or maybe it’s their mouths which speak only kind soft words. Or maybe it’s their hands which touch only in care and safety. It must be their hearts which are true and loving.

All I know is there is beauty all around, inside, outside, up, down, here, there, everywhere.

See it!!!

Smell it!!!

Hear it!!!

Feel it!!!

Share it!!!

2 thoughts on “Word Of The Day – Beauty

    • You are so sweet!!! Thank you for your kind words and thoughts!!! I would say the same about you sweetie – inside and out!


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