All The Courage In The World

What would you do if you had all the courage in the world? I can’t even imagine my world with no fear, no worry, no “what ifs”. I’m fairly bold but still . . . . .

I think my granddaughter Katie is a really brave girl. She faced bullies and mean kids every day at school and yet she kept going . . . . . every day!!! I think that is remarkably courageous.

She had low self esteem, anxiety attacks and depression, and yet she faced those bullies again and again and again. I can’t imagine where she got the strength as a twelve year old to do that. I’m still amazed by her. She is my hero!

She is now fifteen, in high school, is an amazing actress and has many close friends. She likes herself, is happy and the anxiety attacks are few. Life is good for her.

Now if I had no fear of anything . . . . . I might open a quilt store. But do I have the physical energy to run It?! I guess I could hire people to do all that for me. But it is a dream I’ve had.

I might also open a quilt museum. That way I could display all the quilts I long to own. I would really love to do that! Think how much I would learn about all those quilts. Mmmmmmmmm! Oh give me a minute here . . . . . I’m in my dream world.

Let me see . . . . . I think I would write a book. I think there is one in me but I’m too fearful to let it out or maybe it’s I think I’m not smart enough to write a really good enough book. I’m not sure what is stopping me. Lots of different fears all together, I guess.

Then I think I would become a life coach or a lecturer, of sorts. I have wisdom and advice to give. If I were braver, I would be more bold about it.

One other thing – I would have liked to have been an interior decorator, just because I love color and putting furnishings together. I really love filling up an empty room or house. And I adore living in a well decorated space.

Of course, to do all these things I should have started thirty or forty years ago. But at my age of almost seventy-five, with not all the courage in the world, I have only lived portions of my dreams.

I quilt in my sewing room almost everyday. I display quilts in my home and share them with friends and family.

I write a blog and newsletters for organizations I belong to. I love to write letters to family and friends that are long and meaningful.

I have lots of advice to share with friends and family whenever they ask.

I have decorated several homes in my life with great joy.

What a great life I’ve had, even being fearful, not so courageous and a bit meek.

How much grander it will be as I become braver and braver!

I can’t wait!!!!

5 thoughts on “All The Courage In The World

  1. Granny, you ARE all of these things to those of us who know you, love you, and need you. A very brave and successful woman.
    Kathy Lynn

    • Thank you so much my sweetie! I am speechless! Truly you have touched my heart. Words are very important to me and I thank you for the gift of yours.


  2. Hi Granny,
    So many wonderful goals. I believe in you.

    You are a good writer, you definitely could write a great book. Or write small life coaching books, perhaps with the brand name, the Village Granny. I’d read those. I’d buy those.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.

    • You are beyond sweet to me! Your belief in me is beyond precious. As I believe in you, my sweetie. How wonderful that we see potential in each other. That’s a great relationship!


      • I don’t see just the potential. I see your writing. I have read tons of blogs over 15 plus years and you are a good writer. That is a fact. It is there already. But I do also see your potential for being a successful writer based on lots of things about you and your character that you have shown me over the years. It is easy to believe in you. Just remember that many creative peeps started later in life. You already have all the skills you want to teach, that is decades of skills and experience. That is huge.
        Dreams and goals are great. Dreaming without action is nice. No pressure. Just know that you could.

        Love you,

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