One Boot, Two Boots

Three months ago, I started having pain in my left foot. It did not go away but instead got worse. After a visit to the doctor and an MRI, I found I had a stress fracture in my left metatarsal.

I wish I could tell you it was a sports injury, but alas, I simply stepped out of my car and wham! Stress fracture!

Ah, one of those joys of elderliness – fragile bones. On went the big black boot to keep my left foot from bending when I walked and keep my weight off the tiny bone that was partially fractured.

The boot solved the pain issue but brought some problems with it – like, it was heavy and hot and big and very black. And a little itchy, which meant I had to wear a sock with it – which made it, you guessed it, even hotter!

I was lucky though, that it was my left foot. Because I could still drive and more importantly, still sew with my right foot. I had to wear the boot for six weeks for “every step” I took, according to the doctor. ( Like that is even possible!)

And if I couldn’t use my sewing machine for six weeks, I believe I would have . . . . . well, I can’t even imagine that!!! That would be beyond anything I could wrap my brain around!!!!!! It just better not happen, that’s all!

So lucky me! But really, six weeks dragging that big ball and chain around was pretty grim. Can’t tell you how happy I was when I could finally take it off for the last time.

But at first, I was a little timid to put any weight on my foot. I favored that foot for quite awhile.

It’s been six weeks since the boot came off and it is so nice. My left foot aches a little in the evening if I have used it a lot during the day. But I am healed!

Okay, so a week ago, guess who starts complaining about pain in his left foot? Yup, Gramps!

He went to the doctor, got X-rays and sure enough – he has an inflamed tendon in his left foot. The treatment?

A big black boot for six weeks!!!!!

Of course, mine is too small for him. He was “hangin five” as they say in surfing parlance. He ordered his own on Amazon, got delivery in two days and is currently sufficiently wrapped and strapped.

No more pain, but hot and heavy. His foot is stinky from sweating in his sock because it is now summer temperatures here in Texas.

When asked by everyone we know, why he now has a boot just like mine, his answer is “I was having such sympathy pains for her!”

Isn’t he a sweet Gramps?!!!

2 thoughts on “One Boot, Two Boots

  1. You are REALLY talented to be able to sew with your right foot!!

    (Sorry, I just had to say that!)

    Love you bunches! ❤️ Jan

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Yeah, holding the needle with my toes is the hardest part, for sure! Ha, ha!!! You got me on that one kiddo!


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