Am I Worthy?

Did you know that Memorial Day is for the remembrance of those who have lost their lives in service to the country? Those who have given all, so to speak. Veteran’s Day is for all who have served and Armed Forces Day is for all who are currently serving.

I know! I just recently learned the differences myself. It really caused me to pause and ponder the intensity of this day. (I almost can’t call it a holiday.)

I’m sure we all have someone in our family history that sacrificed their life in a conflict or war. We can all relate to that loss in some way.

Why would a person do that? Sacrifice their life? For country? Maybe. For the service? Doubtful. For duty? No. I believe people are willing to throw themselves into harm’s way for love. For love of family, freedom, the person standing next to them and God.

I think love is the strongest emotion there is and can make a person act in amazing ways, even overcome their basic will to live. It can give us superhero strength, kittenlike gentleness, rocket speed, rubber band agility, a giving heart and the ability to sacrifice, up to and including one’s life.

And so we wish those lives were not sacrificed in vain, that nothing comes of their ultimate gift. What does that love gift of theirs then require of us now? Is our only debt to them to remember a day? Have a BBQ? Go to the lake? Get a tan?

I ask myself – am I worthy of their sacrifice? What would my ancestors ask of me? What is the price of their gift?

I think all our sacrificial kin expect and hope is for us to live our best lives, every day. We need to practice and live out the freedoms they ensured. We need to be active positive citizens in a country they helped keep open. We need to be good models and mentors of the love they died for.

In answer to my own question – am I worthy? My answer is “no, I am never worthy enough. I can always do better, be better. They gave their lives-their all-the ultimate. Of course, I’m not worthy” and yet my answer is also “yes, I’m worthy. I’m the heir of my lost one’s gift. The reason for his sacrifice. I must use the gift to the best of my ability. The world and I will be better for it.”

We must be worthy to the task of carrying on the gift of sacrificial love and passing it on generation to generation.

Everyday, not just Memorial Day!!!!

4 thoughts on “Am I Worthy?

  1. Wonderful post today. Watched the very moving Memorial Day program on PBS last night. It certainly moved me to a place where thankfulness for our freedom should bring gratitude every day of our lives. Love you, Jan

    • Love you more sweetie!!! Gratitude is the attitude of the day, for sure. I was inspired by Rusty’s words on Sunday. I strive to be more loving with every day.


    • We all need that encouragement, don’t we? We need the village around us to reflect our better selves. Thanks for your lovely words.


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