Adventures With Patty

Yesterday my eldest (or should I say longest standing) and certainly one of my dearest friends celebrated her wedding anniversary. Gramps and I took both of them out for dinner and an evening of remembering.

We reminisced about their courtship and of course, the wedding day and ceremony. It was dreadfully hot, as it is now!

Then conversation drifted to our childhoods. Patty and I have known each other since sixth grade, so that’s 65 years. Eegads!!! That can’t be true, but it is! We have a long history together and memories that go back decades.

We each remembered some funny times. We laughed and gasped at the insane ideas we came up with as teenagers. We pointed our fingers at each other and started with “Remember the time. . . . . ” . It was a wonderful trip down memory lane.

Of special note was the time we spent two weeks at her aunt and uncle’s lake house in northern California one summer in high school. We were pretty much left to ourselves and any wild ideas we happened to concoct.

One day Patty and I decided to row across the lake on our inflated mattresses. Despite the fact we could barely see the other side of the lake, it seemed a very reasonable plan to our 15 year old selves. In our minds, we could be across the lake and back in the course of the day. Back by dinner, right?

Off we set with success our destination. Of course, twenty minutes later with almost no progress achieved, we were back on deck ready for a lunch of sandwiches, chips and a coke. What a fun day! Sun, water, exercise and food!! We had a ball!!

There were many deer in the area and they mostly came out at night. So again, we decided, after much discussion, to camp out in the backyard one night to photograph the deer.

We planned everything. We had cots, blankets, pillows, cameras and treats for the deer. We had our watches and flashlights. We would each take turns sleeping for two hours and then wake the other person and so on until the deer showed up.

It was very exciting. We would have the best pictures ever! It was hard to be quiet. We were so giggly, we thought we would be able to stay awake all night. We even had snacks and drinks in case we got hungry. We were really prepared!

The next thing I remember is waking up in the bright sun of the morning with Patty sound asleep in the cot next to me. We had missed the deer, the treats, the pictures – everything!!!

There were deer tracks right up to our cots. Evidently the deer had never seen such nonsense before and had to check us out while we were asleep.They must have sniffed us up and down and sideways. I’m surprised they didn’t just grab the treats and run!

Well, another wonderfully fun and silly day (or night) for us. There were and still are so many.

And then there was the time we taught ourselves sign language. And then. . . . . oh my, I could go on and on.

Doesn’t everyone have a friend like Patty? If they don’t, they should. A friend with a long history, who takes you as you are, will say yes to any adventure you think up, who laughs at your jokes and sits with you when you are sad. A friend like that doesn’t come along too often and is worth the effort to keep.

Such a friend is my sweet Patty.

So loyal.

So fun.

So adventurous.

So worth any effort.

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